‘Don’t mess with us’: Heroic grandmas fight off bingo thieves

Jul 26, 2021
The women were in the midst of a bingo game when the incident occurred. Source: Getty

A group of unlikely heroes have made headlines this morning. According to a report in the NZ Herald, about 30 women, dubbed “hero nannies”, bravely fought off two thieves who attempted to steal their bingo cash.

NZ Herald reports the women were enjoying a game of bingo at the Gisborne Pirates Rugby Club on Friday night when two thieves dressed in balaclavas and black clothing burst into their game.

“We were sitting there playing housie [another name for bingo] — if you look at Pirates clubrooms they’ve got a side door and they had to go past the table I’m sitting at to go to where the money is,” a 67-year-old nan, who flipped over a table in front of one thief, said.

“I’m playing and I’m thinking who’s this idiot running past me and I thought ‘oh hey he’s grabbing the money’.

“The lady running the housie, she’s trying to fight him to get the money back and he turned around to run back to the door and I thought to myself ‘bugger this’. That’s when I bloody shoved the table I was sitting at right in front of him and he flipped over.”

She went on to say that once he fell over a couple of other nans began hitting him with their bags, before he ran off. Meanwhile, Elaine Lamont, who was dealing the housie cards on Friday night, said others began throwing plastic chairs at the two thieves.

“They got away with nothing,” she revealed. “The police were notified after they ran away. Once they got out the door, about three or four elderly ladies tried to chase him outside — it was pouring with rain. The police had the dogs out but I don’t think they have been caught yet.”

Unfortunately, one lady was struck in the face during the whole ordeal, resulting in a bleeding nose.

“We were all a wee bit rattled but after a while we got back into housie again,” Lamont continued. “You are pretty gutless if you have to rob a bunch of old ladies on their one night out. We kept what we had and no one was hurt so don’t mess with us.”

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