Tontine Luxe Superior Comfort High Firm Pillow 2 Pack



Tontine Luxe Superior Comfort High & Firm Pillow 2 Pack is a premium cotton covered pillow with polyester fill in a high and firm profile. Suitable for those with a larger frame or who prefer to sleep on their side. Also suitable to use as a display pillow. Featuring a natural cotton cover with a cotton gusset.

Polyester pillows are made from man made fiber, and are generally machine washable and are easy to care for. Being a synthetic fiber, polyester is not exposed to outside pollutants making this an ideal option for allergy sensitive sleepers and asthma sufferers. Synthetic usually refers to polyester, a resilient, manufactured material used to produce budget friendly pillows. While it is possible to find different heights and types, synthetic pillows should be replaced more often as they lose cushioning power over time.

Cover: Cotton Fill: Polyester
Ideal for allergy sensitive sleepers
Fits a standard pillow case
Contains 2 pillows
Machine washable


Pillow Sizing (AU)

Standard Pillow 48x73cm


Manchester Factory


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