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To help boost immunity in adult dogs.

Chronic inflammation and stress can actually suppress the immune system, and have a long term impact on health. This anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting health jelly, with medicinal mushrooms & other adaptogens is designed to support your dog’s immune function and put a pep back in their step!

How do you use it?

Simply add water, mix and set in the fridge. Feed daily.

How much does a pack make?
  • 70 gram packs make a 2 month supply for dogs less than 10kg (small) and a 1 month supply for dogs 10kg to 25kg (medium)
  • 140 gram packs make 1 month supply for a dog 25kg+ (large) and 4 months for a small dog, and 2 months for a medium sized dog
  • These natural supplements are not like a panadol; they work over time. We recommend that supplements are fed on an ongoing basis – and at least for 3 months
Why should you feed a supplement?

Most commercial pet foods are made to meet the AAFCO and/or FEDIAF nutritional profiles for growth, reproduction or maintenance. However, many vets and animal nutritionists agree that these nutritional profiles do not necessarily enable cats and dogs to thrive and enjoy optimal health.

Your bestie may benefit from extra nutrients to help them thrive. Not only that, but every dog and their environment is different, so some need more help in some areas than others. In particular, acute and chronic health conditions are rife, including skin, gut and cancer and typically get worse as dogs age, so we help combat inflammation over the long term.

Health jellies are a supplementary food for dogs.


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