The Human Psyche in Love War and Enlightenment


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Peter Snow


The Human Psyche is a far reaching expose of human identity that seeks to unify the startling new insights gained from modern neuroscientific studies of higher consciousness, with insights gained from introspection and philosophy. In simple, straightforward prose and diagrammatic form it presents several new models of the generation of, and interactions between, the neural centers that are responsible for thought, emotion and mood. It will be of particular interest to neuroscientists, neurologists, biologists, mental health professionals, students of religion and philosophers and indeed all those fascinated by human behavior, its origins in the animal world and its implications for our future. The Human Psyche reminds us that we live in a time when science finally has significant answers about the true nature and origins of human behavior a perspective that heralds a new era that will inevitably see the dissolution of many hallowed, though plainly
stagnant institutions and the establishment of a new world.

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