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Angel Christo


Have you ever had a female confidant or best friend who you would run and talk to when you needed a female’s perspective on things? Ever wish that you could carry her around in your pocket to refer to every time you were trying to decipher mixed messages from the opposite sex?
Well The Code will become your new best friend! Written as if directly speaking to the reader, this is the ultimate ‘Manual to Women’. This is a how to guide written for men by a woman, exposing the ALL excuse truth to understanding ‘the code of women’ and deciphering all their mixed messages and self preservative games.
Acting as a decoder of women; in 10 chapters, The Code gives you VIP access behind enemy lines and exposes ‘the code’ of life’s greatest mystery: women. Offering insight and advice on how to seduce, catch and keep the female you desire in the way which she desires to be seduced, chased and caught.
Just like you refer to a manual for your car, you can now refer to this book as a manual to women and learn how to become a master at decoding women’s thoughts and a guru at unlocking their hearts.

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