SleepWeaver Featherweight CPAP Tube Extension



SleepWeaver Feather Weight CPAP Tubing

Compatible with nearly all standard CPAP,APAP & BiPAP Machines.

Composed of a revolutionary, lightweight material Feather Weight CPAP/BiPAP Connector Tubing can be used, between your mask and standard CPAP tubing, to reduce overall weight and drag at your mask’s connection. – Improving sleep therapy comfort.

Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

The SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube by Circadience is a 15 mm flexible hose that is placed between the CPAP mask and standard hose to give you more flexibility in movement and helps to eliminate pressure points and leaks. It is designed to fit any standard CPAP/BiPAP mask providing a secure and flexible connection.

SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube Features:

  • Measures 18 inches in length. (45cm long)
  • Extremely lightweight, flexible and has a quick-release mechanism from your CPAP/BiPAP machine
  • Designed to fit any industry standard CPAP mask and tube with a 22 mm connections
  • Easy Release Feature
  • Perfectly complements any CPAP mask.
  • It weighs at 1.28 ounces, this is one of the lightest tubes in the market! (Actual weight of a feather)
  • 15mm hose to reduce weight at mask connection point
  • Super flexible at mask connection point

Consider also adding the SleepWeaver Hose Clip to clip the tube to your bedding or night clothes.

Technical Specifications

  • Length – 18 Inches
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Connection Size at Mask: 22mm (fits all tubes and masks)
  • Connection Size at Hose: 22mm (fits all tubes and masks)
  • Weight: 1.28 Ounce

Care and Cleaning

  • Wash with warm water and mild soap
  • Do not sterilise
  • Hang dry


All SleepWeaver Masks and accessories come with a 90 Day Warranty from the date of purchase.

Processing Time:

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Product Tips

Slight Pressure Drop with Feather Weight Tube: The 15 mm, reduced diameter of the Feather Weight Tube will result in a pressure drop of much less than 1 cmwp at the mask when connected to a standard 6 foot hose. It is recommended to periodically test the calibration of all CPAP or BiPAP machines to assure the unit is delivering the prescribed pressure.

Instructions for Use:

  • Attach the smooth connector to the CPAP Mask
  • Attach the ribbed connector to the long CPAP tubing
  • The tube extends the length of your CPAP Tubing by a 1.5 feet, allowing you more room to move around at night.]
  • The SleepWeaver Faether Weight CPAP Tube has a quick release feature so you do not have to take the entire mask off when you go to the bathroom. Simply pull the tube off the mask.
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