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SleepWeaver Anew Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear – Deep Restorative Sleep for mouth breathers.

The SleepWeaver ANEW is the first ever non-allergenic and breathable, soft cloth, full face CPAP mask designed to help people sleep and breathe in comfort. The dual interface design comfortably seals around both the nose and the mouth, with no gaps and only soft cloth touching the skin. The unique “loose fit” seal provides the ultimate in comfort and eliminates strap marks. The SleepWeaver Anew is available in multiple size options to ensure that users find the perfect fit for their face.

The SleepWeaver Anew can be used by people weighing at least 66 pounds. All SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Masks are compatible with the use of a heated humidifier. The SleepWeaver Anew seals by the air pressure inflating the Anew cushion. By design the SleepWeaver cloth masks excel at high CPAP pressures.


Please follow the sizing guide below as SleepWeaver Mask sizing is different to other masks on the market. If you are between sizes please purchase the smaller size. Please refer to the sizing guide found below.

Key Features of the SleepWeaver ANEW CPAP Mask

  • Clear vision- Users can wear glasses or watch TV comfortably while wearing the SleepWeaver Anew.
  • Bilateral exhalation holes on the lower segment of the mask ensures that any air flow is diverted away from the user or their bed partner.
  • The double swivel elbow makes it easy to route the tube over the head/headboard while sleeping.
  • Lightweight and Easy to use
  • Available in Small, Regular/Medium and Large
  • Perfect Full Face CPAP Mask for mouth breathers
  • Dual interface/dual chamber design that seals perfectly around both the nose and the mouth.
  • Open-face design accommodating prescription eyeglasses
  • Travel friendly CPAP mask 
  • No forehead support
  • High tech fabric that allows skin to breathe naturally, wicks away moisture, leaves no pressure marks.
  • Lifestyle needs: Ideal for an active sleeper, mouth breather, TV friendly, facial hair friendly

What’s included

  • Anew Full Face CPAP Cloth Mask-in selected size
  • Headgear
  • Replaceable cushion
  • Informational CD
  • Mask instructional Booklet

Please note that this mask DOES NOT include a CPAP tube extension.

SleepWeaver ANEW Specifications

  • Pressure Range: 4 – 30cmwp
  • Compatible Machine Type: Any brand of CPAP; APAP; BiLevel Machines (except the Resmed AirMini)
  • Material Content of Mask: Polyester – Nylon – Elastane
  • Material Content of Headgear: Lycra – Nylon – Foam
  • Material Content of Mask Elbow Polycarbonate


To make sure you have ordered the correct mask size- simply print the sizing guide, cut out if required and use a mirror or ask your partner to look at the guide to see if it is a proper fit on your face. If you are between sizes please purchase the smaller size.

Click here for a printable sizing guide to determine the size of the SleepWeaver ANEW Full Face CPAP mask.

Measurement Technique:

1. In order to determine nasal width (measurement A as per the sizing guide), measure from the outer left nare to the outer right nare.

2. To determine the height (measurement B as per the sizing guide), your measurement starts 1/2 inch down the bridge of your nose from between your eyes ends halfway between the mouth and the chin. If the measurement falls between sizes, choose a smaller size.

Headgear sizing– The regular and Large size ANEW CPAP masks come with standard headgear size. The ANEW Small comes with a smaller headgear size. The Anew headgear is compatible only with the Anew Full Face CPAP Mask. It will not work with other SleepWeaver Soft Cloth Masks.

When reordering the mask cushion, the easiest way to find the size of the mask, is to turn the SleepWeaver Anew so the elbow is facing the user. Just below the edge of the elbow, the user will find a series of information printed on the blue cloth mask. The middle line indicates the size of the mask by displaying the word: ” SMALL,” “MEDIUM,” or “LARGE.” It is best to hold the mask in a well-lit are when looking for the size.”

How to Use SleepWeaver Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

Most patients report that the SleepWeaver products are the most comfortable masks they have ever tried! However, it can sometimes take longer for some people to become accustomed to new equipment, especially if you are new to PAP and sleep therapy.

Follow the instructions (PDF guides) provided below and take a look at the Instructional Fitting Video in the Product Fitting Videos tab on this product page to get the most out of your CPAP mask.

How the SleepWeaver CPAP Mask Works

The SleepWeaver Anew seals by the air pressure inflating the Anew cushion. By design the SleepWeaver cloth masks excel at high pressures.

SleepWeaver masks achieve a good seal and quiet operation using the properties of a balloon. When a balloon is inflated, all points inside the balloon are at the same pressure. This air pressure pushes the wall of the balloon until the tension in the wall of the balloon or something outside the balloon pushes back.

The pressure inside of the mask is the same at all points. So the pressure being applied to the patient for their CPAP therapy is the same pressure that pushes the mask against the patient’s skin. This creates a good seal between the cloth of the mask and the skin of the patient.

There is no additional pressure required to hold the mask onto the patient’s face, so there is no need for excess tension in the straps. The pressure exerted by the mask is the same at all points, so there are no localized pressure points that can create pressure sores.

Delivery Instructions

Processing Time:

Orders placed before 3pm AEST Monday through Friday will be processed on the same day, except for the weekends and statutory holidays. Products ordered after 3pm Monday – Friday will be processed and shipped on the next business day. Products ordered on weekends, public holidays or other non-trading business days, will be processed and shipped on the next working business day. It is recommended that orders be placed well in advance for travelers.


SleepWeaver Anew CPAP Frequently Asked Questions and Advice

1. What is the difference between the SleepWeaver Advance, SleepWeaver Elan and SleepWeaver Anew CPAP masks?

The SleepWeaver Anew is a full face PAP mask that is specifically designed for mouth breathers whereas the SleepWeaver Advance and SleepWeaver Élan are nasal CPAP masks. The dual interface design on the SleepWeaver ANEW securely seals around both the nose and the mouth, with no gaps and only soft cloth touching the skin.

2. Does the SleepWeaver Anew come in different sizes?

Yes. The SleepWeaver Anew is available in small, regular and large mask sizes.

3. Is the SleepWeaver Anew CPAP Mask a specialty mask?

No. The SleepWeaver Anew Soft Cloth Full Face PAP Mask is intended to provide an interface for Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy. This mask is intended for single-patient reuse in the home and in the hospital/institutional environment. This mask is to be used on patients greater than 66lbs (30 kg).

4. From what material is the SleepWeaver Anew CPAP Mask made?

The cloth is the same material used to make winter ski clothing. A portion of the mask that contacts the skin contains polyester, nylon, and elastane. The cloth material is “breathable” meaning that the material wicks moisture and heat away from the user’s skin. You should have no concerns about skin allergies or irritation with this mask. The headgear consists of polyurethane foam, nylon, and lycra. The plastic swivel is made of polycarbonate. The Feather Weight Tube is made of hytrel and EVA.

5. What is the recommended pressures for SleepWeaver Anew?

SleepWeaver Anew has been tested and approved for use between 4-30cm H20 on CPAP, Bi-Level and AutoPAP systems.

6. How long will it take me to become comfortable with the SleepWeaver Anew?

Most patients report after the first night using our SleepWeaver products, that it is the most comfortable mask they have ever tried! However, it can sometimes take longer than one night to become accustomed to new equipment, especially if you are new to PAP and Sleep therapy. Follow the instructions provided with the mask. We also encourage you to view the instructional video several times, re-read the instructions and to call us for support if necessary (1300 767 279). Once you are comfortable with your new SleepWeaver Anew Mask, you too will experience the restful sleep you have been missing.

7. Will SleepWeaver Anew work with my existing CPAP or Bi-Level machine?

SleepWeaver Anew works with all CPAP, Bi-level and auto-titrating systems.

8. Can I use the SleepWeaver Anew CPAP Mask with a humidifier?

Yes, you are able to use the SleepWeaver Anew mask with a humidifier.

9. How do I clean the SleepWeaver Anew Mask?

The SleepWeaver CPAP mask can be cleaned by hand washing using mild non-abrasive detergent in cold or warm water. Be sure to rinse the mask well after washing. *HANG DRY ONLY (Do NOT dry Mask in Dryer)

10. Does SleepWeaver Anew have an exhalation valve?

The exhalation “valve” on the SleepWeaver Anew is a series of very small holes that gently and quietly exhaust the exhaled air from the mask. These holes provide quiet operation without creating a jet of air that make a lot of noise or can blow on the patient’s bed partner. The leak rate provided by the exhalation holes is comparable to competitive CPAP masks.

11. Can the exhalation valve get plugged or clogged?

As long as the CPAP mask is properly maintained and washed the exhalation valve will provide consistent exhaust performance.

12. Can I sleep on my stomach while wearing the SleepWeaver Anew?

Yes. The air pressure in the mask will keep the mask inflated without pressure points. The CPAP mask continues to provide CO2 exhalation as long as a portion of the exhalation holes are exposed.

13. Can I read or watch TV with the mask on?

Yes. There is nothing in the field of view from the mask or headgear. This allows you to wear glasses and read or watch TV while wearing the CPAP mask.

14. I have dentures. Can I still wear the CPAP mask?

Yes. The SleepWeaver Anew can be worn by patients with dentures.

15. What if I want to travel with my CPAP system?

The SleepWeaver Anew is the smallest and lightest full face mask for travel available. It folds into a very small size when it is not inflated so that it will fit easily into any carrying case you would use to travel with your PAP system. It can also be hand washed in the sink.

16. Will the SleepWeaver mask attach to any brand of machine?

Yes. The fitting on the SleepWeaver Anew fits the 22mm ISO standard which is used on all PAP Machines.

17. Can I use the SleepWeaver Anew if I have a broken nose or deviated septum?

We have had a number of patients with anatomic issues around the nose report using the SleepWeaver products with good success. The pliable nature of the SleepWeaver products allows it to conform to the patient’s facial anatomy even if it is not symmetrical.

18. Does the SleepWeaver Anew address the problems of people who have skin reactions to plastic CPAP masks?

The SleepWeaver Anew is a cloth full face PAP Mask that is gentle on the skin. We have had a number of patient’s report that their skin irritation problems disappeared after switching to SleepWeaver products.

19. Does this CPAP mask fit a man who has a full beard?


20. What is recommended pressure for the SleepWeaver ANEW Full Face CPAP Mask?

The SleepWeaver Anew has been tested at pressures from 4 cm H2O up to 30 cm H2O on CPAP and Bi-Level systems.




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