SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask and Headgear



Circadiance SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask With Improved Seal

Sleepweaver Advance offers you a skin friendly CPAP Mask redesigned with improved seal offering a better fit, better feel and better seal. Unlike traditional silicon/hard plastic CPAP masks, the SleepWeaver CPAP Masks weigh less than an ounce and therefore eliminates red masks caused by hard plastic CPAP masks.

**One size fits most** A new mask for smaller faces is also available – SleepWeaver Advance Small Soft Cloth CPAP Mask.

The SleepWeaver Advance is the first ever non-allergenic and breathable cloth CPAP mask that fits comfortably on any CPAP user.

Available Colours: Beige, Blue, Pink, Camo, Leopard


Unique Features of the SleepWeaver Advance

  1. Allergy free with natural cloth materials and NO SILICONE OR LATEX
  2. ”One size fits most” mask design – reducing your time searching for the best fit CPAP Mask
  3. Breathable cloth mask that wicks away moisture keeping your mask and skin dry throughout the night.
  4. Lightweight and easy to use
  5. Machine washable
  6. Cushion inflates to seal without pressure points or pinching therefore eliminates pressure marks or sores
  7. Naturally quiet
  8. No rigid frame- unlike other silicon masks SleepWeaver removes the use of a frame to hold the cushion. This allows for freedom of movement to roll on your pillow or lay in the most comfortable sleeping position.
  9. Accommodates prescription eyeglasses- great for bedtime reading or watching TV
  10. Seals quickly and easily

Technical Specifications

  • Therapy Pressure Range : 4 to 20cmH2O
  • 22mm swivel connection
  • Resistance (pressure drop) @ 50 lpm =0.6 cmH2O @ 100 lpm =0.9 cmH2O
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

What’s included

  • Soft Cloth CPAP Mask
  • Headgear
  • Mask Instruction Guide

How to Use SleepWeaver Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

Most patients report that the SleepWeaver products are the most comfortable masks they have ever tried! However, it can sometimes take longer for some people to become accustomed to new equipment, especially if you are new to PAP and sleep therapy.

Follow the instructions (PDF guides) provided below.


Please follow the sizing guide below as SleepWeaver Mask sizing is different to other masks on the market. If you are between sizes please purchase the smaller size.

SleepWeaver Advance Sizing Guide


  • The mask headgear should be loose enough to slip a finger underneath it easily.
  • Pull the headgear over the head and then position the cushion low on the nose.
  • The head strap pulls the mask toward the nose.
  • The neck straps pull the mask toward the upper lip.

Leak adjustments

  1. Pinch the mask directly over the nose, pull it slightly away from the face and down (in the direction of the feet), then gently release. This action allows the elastic cushion to re-inflate and float back into place.
  2. Adjust the head strap for leaks into your eyes.
  3. Adjust the neck-straps for side leaks.

If steps 1-3 do not work, loosen the straps, and start over with step 1.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee -Try at home and, if you’re not completely satisfied, return it within 14-days for a full refund of the original purchase price(Less $10 shipping)

How the SleepWeaver CPAP Mask Works

SleepWeaver masks achieve a good seal and quiet operation using the properties of a balloon. When a balloon is inflated, all points inside the balloon are at the same pressure. This air pressure pushes the wall of the balloon until the tension in the wall of the balloon or something outside the balloon pushes back.

The pressure inside of the mask is the same at all points. So the pressure being applied to the patient for their CPAP therapy is the same pressure that pushes the mask against the patient’s skin. This creates a good seal between the cloth of the mask and the skin of the patient.

There is no additional pressure required to hold the mask onto the patient’s face, so there is no need for excess tension in the straps. The pressure exerted by the mask is the same at all points, so there are no localized pressure points that can create pressure sores.


Fitting the SleepWeaver Advance Mask

  1. Remove mask from packaging. If you have removed the mask from the headgear, re-attach the headgear straps through the slits in the mask wings. Connect the tubing from the machine to the plastic hose connector on the front of the mask.
  2. Put mask on by pulling the headgear over your head so that the cup of the mask is centered over the nose and the head strap is centered on your forehead.
  3. Pull the headgear over the back of your head until the neck strap rests below your ears.
  4. Turn on the machine.
  5. Adjust the neck straps first so that the bottom of the mask is comfortably resting on your upper lip just below your nostrils.
  6. Adjust the head strap to pull the mask comfortably against your nose.
  7. Ensure headgear is not overly tightened, you should be able to easily fit one finger under each strap of the headgear.
  8. Lie down in your normal sleeping position and if needed shift the mask around so that the fabric is able to form a seal against your skin. Additional adjustment tips are located in the following section and a detailed fitting video can be viewed above this section.

For help with fitting, Circadiance provides instructions: sleepweaver-instructions.

SleepWeaver Advance Fitting Tips from users.

User Tip 1:

  • I found that if I put the mask on before turning on the blower and making sure my nose was completely in the opening – then turning on the blower and making small tugs if there were any leaks worked best for me.
  • I also went to a light weight hose to keep the weight of the hose from pulling on the mask.

User Tip 2:

I had an idea which seems to have panned out – which is relaxing the jaw while fitting the mask, since many people’s facial conformations change once the jaw is relaxed. I tried the mask again last night, only I relaxed my jaw as I was fitting the mask. And it worked really well! Its comfortable, quiet and excellent for side sleeping!

User Tip 3:

  • Turn the machine on and position your nose in the opening comfortably.
  • Then stop the machine.
  • Hold the material at the top and bottom of the nose opening – with your nose in the hole – all the while pulling the material at the top and bottom in their opposite directions.
  • Then pull the material the opposite directions left and right – with your nose in the opening still.
  • Make sure the elastic part is on the center of your forehead.
  • Then turn the machine back on.

User Tip 4:

  • Place the SleepWeaver mask on face without the CPAP machine.
  • Turn on air.
  • Pull CPAP mask down and away at a 30 degree angle.
  • Bring mask back to your face and push slightly. (this seems to seat it a bit more)
  • Wait just a minute or two – the mask begins to mold to your face and upon lying down, the little leaks disappear.

Processing Time:

Orders placed before 3pm AEST Monday through Friday will be processed on the same day, except for the weekends and statutory holidays. Products ordered after 3pm Monday – Friday will be processed and shipped on the next business day. Products ordered on weekends, public holidays or other non-trading business days, will be processed and shipped on the next working business day. It is recommended that orders be placed well in advance for travelers.

Home Cleaning Instructions

  1. Hand wash the mask every other day with a mild, non-abrasive soap in warm water. Circadiance also suggests not to use an oil based soap when washing the SleepWeaver Masks. It is recommended that the SleepWeaver be cleaned every morning. The entire mask can be hand washed or placed in the washing machine using a “delicates” bag. It does not have be taken apart the mask for cleaning. Once the mask is cleaned, hang the mask to dry. Do not place the mask in a clothes dryer. Air dry out of direct sunlight.
  2. Hand wash the headgear weekly.
  3. After a period of use, the medical tape that attaches the swivel to the mask will lose its adhesion and will need to be replaced. This can be found by turning the mask inside out. Reattach the swivel with a latex free, waterproof, white medical tape available at any chemist in your area.

Adjusting for Leaks

 If you experience leaks with your SleepWeaver Advance Cloth Mask, try the foll steps:

  • With your CPAP or bilevel machine on and at your prescription pressure, pinch the portion of the mask directly over your nose, pull the mask slightly away from your face, towards your feet, and gently release.
  • If you experience leaks from the sides of the mask, adjust the Neck Straps by unhooking the tab from the strap and pulling the straps out to tighten the mask, then re-latching the tab to the strap.
  • If you experience leaks into your eyes, adjust the Head Strap.
  • At times it is possible to stop leaks and get a better fit by loosening the mask just a bit, then repeating Step 1.
  • Leaks can also occur if the headgear straps are too tight or too loose. With practice you should find the snug but comfortable fit that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Advice on the SleepWeaver Advance Cloth Mask

1. Where do I find the size for the SleepWeaver Advance Cloth CPAP Mask?

The mask frame and cushion do not have an identifiable size because the SleepWeaver Advance Nasal CPAP Mask with Improved Zzzephyr Seal is offered in only one size. The item may be customized by selecting one of five color options.

2. What is the Zzzephry seal?

The Zzzephry seal is the soft cloth nasal interface that forms the seal with the super soft light weight elastic cloth.

3. Why does the mask come in different colors?

The SleepWeaver Advance is available in different colors in order to make sleep apnea treatment more appealing to the PAP patients.

4. Does the SleepWeaver Advance Mask come in different sizes?

Yes. The SleepWeaver Advance is available in a one size fits most and a small size.

5. Is the SleepWeaver Advance a specialty mask?

No. The SleepWeaver Advance Nasal Pap Mask is intended to provide an interface for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or Bi-Level Therapy. The SleepWeaver Advance Nasal PAP Mask is intended for singlepatient reuse in the home and multi-patient, multi-use in the hospital/institutional environment. This mask is to be used on patients greater than 66 lbs. (30 kg). However, the SleepWeaver Advance Small Nasal PAP mask is intended for single-patient reuse in the home and hospital/institutional environment.

6. From what material is the sleepweaver CPAP mask made?

The cloth is the same material used to make winter ski clothing. A portion of the mask that contacts the skin contains polyester, nylon, and elastane. The cloth material is “breathable” meaning that the material wicks moisture and heat away from the user’s skin. You should have no concerns about skin allergies or irritation with this mask. The headgear consists of polyurethane foam, nylon, and lycra.

7. Will SleepWeaver Advance work with my existing CPAP or Bi-Level machine?

SleepWeaver CPAP masks work with all CPAP, Bi-level and auto-titrating systems.

8. Can I use the SleepWeaver with a humidifier?


9. How do I clean the SleepWeaver Advance Mask?

The mask can be cleaned by hand washing using mild non-abrasive detergent in cold or warm water. Be sure to rinse the mask well after washing. *HANG DRY ONLY (Do NOT dry Mask in Dryer)

10. Does SleepWeaver Advance have an exhalation valve?

The exhalation “valve” on the SleepWeaver is a series of very small holes that gently and quietly exhaust the exhaled air from the mask. These holes provide quiet operation without creating a jet of air that make a lot of noise or can blow on the patient’s bed partner. The leak rate provided by the exhalation holes is comparable to competitive CPAP masks.

11. Can the exhalation valve get plugged or clogged?

As long as the mask is properly maintained and washed the exhalation valve will provide consistent exhaust performance.

12. Can I sleep on my stomach while wearing the SleepWeaver Advance?

Yes. The air pressure in the mask will keep the mask inflated without pressure points. The mask continues to provide CO2 exhalation as long as a portion of the exhalation holes are exposed.

13. Can I read or watch TV while wearing the SleepWeaver Advance mask?

There is a small, unobtrusive, forehead strap that does not obstruct the field of view for reading or watching TV; therefore, patients who wear eyeglasses can read or watch TV with the mask on.

14. I have dentures. Can I still wear the SleepWeaver Advance mask?

Yes. The SleepWeaver Advance can be worn by patients with dentures.

15. Will the SleepWeaver Advance mask attach to any brand of machine?

Yes. The fitting on the SleepWeaver Advance fits the 22mm ISO standard which is used on all PAP Machines.

16. Can I use the SleepWeaver Advance Mask if I have a broken nose of deviated septum?

We have had a number of patients with anatomic issues around the nose report using the SleepWeaver with good success. The pliable nature of the SleepWeaver allows it to conform to the patient’s facial anatomy even if it is not symmetrical.

17. Does the SleepWeaver Advance address the problems of people who have skin reactions to silicon CPAP masks?

The SleepWeaver Advance All Cloth PAP Mask is gentle on the skin. We have had a number of patient’s report that their skin irritation problems disappeared after switching to a SleepWeaver CPAP Masks.

18. Does this SleepWeaver Advance mask fit a man who has a full beard?

Yes. The inventor of the SleepWeaver Advance has a full beard and wears the mask himself every night.

19. What is recommended pressures for the SleepWeaver Advance Mask?

We have tested SleepWeaver Advance and the Advance Small at pressures from 4 cm H2O up to 20 cm H2O on CPAP and Bi-Level systems.




Beige, Blue, Camoflage, Leopard, Pink

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