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NightShift Therapy is a clinically proven mask-free treatment that uses vibrotactile feedback to discourage supine sleep and treat Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA) and Snoring.

Night Shift Sleep Positioner For Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Positional Snoring

NightShift Sleep Positioner – Interactive Intelligent Monitoring to Discourage Supine Sleep

NightShift Therapy is a mask-free treatment for Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA) and Snoring. The Night Shift device is a positional apnea aid that senses when you are sleeping on your back and without waking you up; the night shift devices uses gentle vibrations to encourage you to shift back on your side.

Used by physicians to treat Positional Sleep Disorders, like positional snoring, the NightShift is designed to help you reduce breathing disturbances and help you sleep in a healthy position. The NightShift device can be worn comfortably on the neck or the chest. The device constantly monitors and records how your body responds to vibrational therapy, your sleep data is automatically uploaded to a secure online portal.

NightShift Sleep Repositioner Features:

  • Therapy and Monitoring Mode
  • Easy to adjust
  • Provides vibrational therapy therefore not noisy- Plus it won’t disturb your partner!
  • USB Charging Port
  • Adjustable blue strap with magnetic clasp – replacement neck straps and chest belts available
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Free Online Software Portal for report downloads
  • Track your progress through detailed daily and monthly report summaries
  • Neck-based (can also be worn across the chest with a neoprene belt) treatment for Positional OSA and snoring.

Included in this package

  • (1) Night Shift Device
  • (1) Adjustable Strap with magnetic clasps
  • (1) USB charging/data cable
  • (1) Carrying case
  • (1) Product Instruction Manual

The NightShift positional device has perfect combinations of 3 major functions:

  • Sleep position detection – helping the user to understand their body movement while sleeping.
  • Vibrotactile positional therapy– assisting users to maintain a side-sleeping position therefore eliminating snoring.
  • Detailed compliance report– helping users understand your snoring frequency, sleep/wake time, sleep efficiency, pre and post usage comparison and sleeping position.

Night Shift device is sold in many countries around the world to treat Positional Sleep Disorders and Snoring. Since its launch in 2010 Night Shift device has helped thousands of people overcome sleep position related sleep disorders. If you struggle to stay of your back, try this product and see the difference it can make. The Night Shift positional device also comes with our Money Back Guarantee*.

What are the benefits of using the NightShift Sleep Positioner

  • Lightweight for increased comfort
  • Intelligent device to encourage lateral sleeping and discourage supine sleeping
  • Delivers vibrational feedback/therapy to limit supine or back sleeping
  • Provides time for you to fall asleep before initiating vibrational therapy
  • Clinically proven to reduces Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring
  • Reduces Sleep Apnea Symptoms including daytime sleepiness etc.
  • Improves sleep architecture and sleep continuity
  • On-going reporting of sleep positions, unhealthy snoring levels and movement for sleep quality assessment.
  • Monitors up to 365 days of data

Night Shift Sleep Positioner is recommended for:

  • People who only snore when on their back
  • Sleep Apnea only in the supine position (On your back) as diagnosed in a overnight sleep study
  • Treating and monitoring Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA)
  • Dental Splint users who still snore on their back but not on their side
  • CPAP users who require a lower pressure if they stay off their back
  • Complimenting result of Provent Therapy or Theravent Snore Therapy

Night Shift device can be purchased without a prescription if you know your snoring or sleep disorder is reduced if you stay off your back while you sleep. Night Shift Positional Therapy device is also prescribed or recommended as a sleep position modification aid (side sleeping aid or correctional device for positional sleep apnea) by most of Australia’s top Sleep Physicians/Sleep Labs. If your Snoring or Sleep Disorder is worse on your back then Night Shift is the device to assist you and your partner’s sleep.

How to use the Night Shift Positional Device:

  • Wear the Night Shift device comfortably around the neck just before you go to sleep with the blue label facing out and the ON button facing down.
  • You can choose to have position feedback (vibration in supine position) start immediately or you are able to delay it by 15 minutes. Refer to User Instructions provided with the device.
  • The Night Shift must be recharged by connecting the USB cord provided with the device on your computer. One full charge lasts for approx. three nights.

This form of treatment for positional obstructive sleep apnea is clinically proven.* When it comes to snoring, those affected are not limited to the snorer. Bed partners and roommates alike can be awakened and kept up only a nightly basis as a result of snoring.

See the Reports section for more details and example reports. We see from reports produced by the 1000’s of devices sold, many customers learn to move off their back with decreased vibrations over time.


Night Shift therapy device includes a two-year warranty covering workmanship problems related to the electronics. The battery and haptic motors carry a one-year warranty and can be replaced after one year for a $75.00 fee per component.

The neck strap holds a six month warranty. We recommend that it is replaced at least every twelve months.

The Night Shift positional device also comes with our Money Back Guarantee*.

*Moneyback Guarantee: You may be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price if (in the rare event) your Night Shift report shows that when sleeping with the active device you are non-responsive and spend more than 10% of your sleep time on your back over 5-6 nights. Please email a report with at least 5-6 nights data to authorise a return. The item must be returned in its original box, with all accessories, within 21 days of your receipt.

How the NightShift Positional Device Works

Night Shift is clinically proven positional sleep therapy device that actively discourages users from sleeping on their back, to prevent snoring and related sleep disorders. Worn comfortably around the neck during sleep with the blue label facing out and the ON button facing down. The Night Shift device produces a gentle vibration every time the wearer attempts to sleep on their back. The vibration will incrementally increase until the user changes their sleep position.

Night Shift does not usually disturb your sleep. This has been determined from observing EEG (Electrical Brain Activity) of patients undergoing, overnight sleep studies, whilst wearing the Night Shift. The EEG arousal(sleep disturbance causing a lighter level of sleep or wake) usually happens when the patient rolls onto their back, before the Night Shift responds, not from the response.

Night Shift records relevant of data about your sleep including:

  • Sleep Time
  • Snoring Level
  • Head/Neck Position
  • Frequency and Intensity of Response

Sleep time is derived from Actigraphy, which is a widely validated method of measuring sleep from movement.

Interpreting NightShift Sleep Positioner Daily Reports

The Night Shift provides the most recent six nights of detailed information in the “Daily Reports” format. Data older than 6 nights is stored in the summarised daily and monthly report format below. The Daily Report in Therapy-ON mode allows users to determine:

  • The number of times you attempt to sleep on your back and how quickly you respond to therapy.
  • When your awakenings occur and for how long you are awake.
  • If your snoring or sleep efficiency changes as a result of sleeping position, time of night, heavy meals, or alcohol consumption before bed.

NightShift Sleep Positioner Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Guide

How can I access the Night Shift software to generate reports and manage the NightShift device?

Please follow these directions:
1. Go to
2. Click Portal
3. Click Register & Manage Device/Generate Reports
4. The software will download and open in a new window
If you need additional assistance setting up your computer for use with the Night Shift software, please click here for step by step directions beginning on page 5.

Why does the “Wrong Time/Date” message appear when I first connect my device to the Night Shift software?

If you see the “Wrong Time/Date” message, that means that the time/date on the Night Shift device is different than the time/date on your computer.

Click the “Update Device Time & Date” button to update the device to the same time/date as your computer.

The Night Shift device is shipped with the internal clock set to the Pacific Time zone. If the battery charge gets too low, the date cannot be maintained on the device. Either of these conditions can cause the time/date to be incorrect.

How is my personal data secured when I use the Night Shift software?

Using the Register Your Night Shift Device Only button, your email address (and name if entered) will be saved securely on our server. We will use this information in the event of a recall or for Night Shift updates. Your name/email will not be saved to your device.

If you choose to use the Register & Manage Device/Generate Reports button, your data is encrypted prior to generation of the PDF report. Each time a report is generated, we save a copy of the data as a backup in case you need to restore your data. These files are stored on a secure server with the name encrypted. Click here to read the Privacy Disclosure for the Night Shift software.

Using the NightShift Device: Solutions for 15 Potential Issues

What is the green LED pattern on the NightShift device when I turn on the device?

When the device is turned on, it will vibrate 1-3 times and blink green 1-3 times, depending upon how many nights the device has battery charge sufficient to record. The device will then continue to blink green for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the LED will display a solid green light which means the device is recording as expected.

My NightShift device vibrates in every position. What is wrong?

When the battery gets very low, the device goes into a warning mode where it blinks a yellow light and vibrates once every five seconds, regardless of position. This indicates that the device needs to be charged. If you believe the device is fully charged, click here for instructions to test the functionality of your Night Shift.

Why did the magnets come out of my NightShift strap?

A: The strap should be inspected regularly for signs of deterioration due to normal wear and tear. It is recommended that the strap be replaced every six months. If you disconnect the magnetic clasp by pulling the ends apart, the material stretches and can tear.

To avoid this problem in the future, be sure to unclasp the strap by bending at a 90° angle, like snapping a stick. Please review step 9 of the User Instructions.

How often should I expect to replace my NightShift strap?

It is recommended to replace the NightShift strap every 6 months.

The Night Shift starts vibrating as soon as I try to sleep on my back! I thought it was supposed to give me 15 minutes to fall asleep first?

After being turned on, the Night Shift is designed to wait 15 minutes before delivering positional feedback. If the on/off button is held down for more than 7 seconds, the device turns on in “test” mode, and feedback begins immediately. If this is the case, turn the device off. When you turn it back on, only hold the on/off button down for 1 second.

My Night Shift device will not turn on.

If the battery is completely dead, the device will not turn on. Please fully charge the device and press the on/off button for 1 second. If the device still does not turn on, click here for instructions to test the functionality of your Night Shift.

I’ve charged my Night Shift but the battery does not hold a charge.

This is most often a problem of a bad cable rather than a problem with the Night Shift battery. The Night Shift can be charged with any standard micro-USB cable. Please try to charge the device with a different cable. If this does not solve the problem, click here for instructions to test the functionality of your Night Shift.

When I woke up in the morning, the NightShift device was turned off. What happened?

To conserve the battery and increase the accuracy of your report, the Night Shift automatically turns off after 10 hours. If the device turned off prior to 10 hours, click here for instructions to test the functionality of your Night Shift.

What is trial mode?

When the Night Shift is set to trial mode, no feedback will be delivered on the first night the device is worn to enable you to obtain a baseline session. This baseline session is permanently presented as one of the nights in your detailed report. Positional feedback will automatically begin on the second night you wear the device, and it will continue for all future nights that you wear the device in trial mode.

After wearing the Night Shift for awhile it seems that I’m taking longer to move off my back when the vibration is delivered, can the vibration intensity be increased?

If the Night Shift is working properly, the vibration intensity should increase (after six vibrations at each level) a total of seven times. Following the six vibrations at the seventh level, the vibration intensity and frequency should begin a random pattern. To ensure the Night Shift is delivering the maximum vibration intensity, click here for instructions to test the functionality of your Night Shift.

Does the Night Shift have larger size neck straps for those patients who have bigger necks than the size of the standard bands?

The NightShift strap can be adjusted to accommodate a maximum of a 22 inch (56 cm) neck.

How long or how many days of data does the Night Shift save?

The device can store up to 6 nights of detailed daily reports, 118 nights of summary monthly reports, and 13 months of summary yearly report.

Why are the dates and times on my reports incorrect?

Please follow the steps below to test your Night Shift’s battery and vibration motors.

Step 1. Plug the device into your computer.

Step 2. Device turns on automatically.

Step 2a. If the device did not turn on automatically, please use a different cable and plug the device back into the computer.

Step 2b. If the device still does not turn on automatically, try using a different USB port or computer.

Step 2c. If the device still does not turn on automatically, leave the device plugged in for at least 15 minutes and check to see if the device has turned on by viewing the green light on the device.

Step 3. Push the button to turn the device off. One vibration is felt as device turns off.

Step 4. After a few seconds, device turns itself on automatically.

Step 5. Leave the device charging for 3 hours or until the light on the device turns off and the device is fully charged.

Step 6. Now that the device is fully charged, unplug the device from the computer.

Step 7. Put the device into “test” mode by holding the on/off button down continuously (about 7-seconds) until the device vibrates.

Step 8. With the blue label facing down, place the device on a flat surface. Place two fingers on the black label of the device to feel the vibrations.

Step 9. After 30 seconds, the device should begin vibrating. After the first six vibrations, did the intensity increase? Wait another six vibrations, did it increase again? There should seven levels of intensity with six vibrations at each level. Following the six vibrations at the seventh level, the vibration intensity and frequency should begin a random pattern.

If you still believe that your device is not functioning correctly, please email your Night Shift Healthcare provider with your problem and what step of the Battery and Vibration test did not work as expected. The Night Shift device is intended to be operated by the patient, but is not intended to be serviced or maintained by the patient. Servicing and maintenance must be completed by the manufacturer or an authorised distributor. Please contact your Night Shift Healthcare provider if you have any questions.

Studies show…

Published studies, comparing sleep with and without the Night Shift, show participants spent less than 5% of their time sleeping on their backs while using the Night Shift.

Studies also found that 90% of POSA (Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) participants responded positively to Night Shift therapy. Participants also experienced a reduction in daytime sleepiness and other medical conditions related to prolonged tiredness.

Measure Sleep Quality with Night Shift Device

Night Shift not only prevents users from sleeping on their back, it also measures sleep quality and snoring frequency. It provides the user with functional reports to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy. Night Shift can also determine whether or not poor sleep quality as a result of snoring is limited to supine sleeping.

Night Shift Reports Provide a Wealth of Information about your Sleep

Night Shift records up to 12 months sleep data. Night Shift reports are generated by any Windows or Mac computer from by clicking the portal button at Your computer requires Java which is a FREE download at Full instructions for computer set up and using the device can also be found here.

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