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Neat Feat Spur Pads have been designed to relieve heel spur pressure and inflamation. Designed to relieve heel spur inflamation and pressure the pads catch the shock forces and distribute them evenly throughout the heel redusing stress to the heel


Neat Feat Spur Pads have been designed to relieve heel spur pressure and inflammation.


Stand tall and pain-free with Neat Feat’s professional spur pads, engineered by experts to cradle and support sore, aching heels. Heel Spur Syndrome stands no chance against Dura-HD construction, a trailblazing development in the world of orthotics.

  • Ground-breaking Dura-HD construction
  • Instant relief from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • Combats ankle, leg, and back pain caused by heel strike
  • Each pad compresses with each step to absorb heel shock

If you’ve ever felt alone with your foot problems, think again. Podiatrists see a lot of unique foot complaints every day, but heel spurs are one of the most common. Luckily for you, painful and costly procedures (or even surgery) might not be necessary at all. Neat Feat’s professional orthotic spur pads have been designed to provide instant heel spur relief from the very first step. Each pad lovingly cradles and supports tender heels caused by heel spur syndrome. The secret lies in revolutionary Dura-HD construction, with absorbs heel shock with every step you take thanks to the heel spur pad’s compression. Enjoy instant and lasting relief from plantar fasciitis, and beyond, with spur pads that slip right into almost any closed shoe. These pads are so comfortable and lightweight, you’ll probably forget they’re there – until you realize how much better you feel. Live in New Zealand or Australia? Get your Neat Fear Heel Spur Pads at your local pharmacy today. Somewhere else? No problem – we ship worldwide! Order today before stock runs out.


US Female UK Female US Male UK Male Spur Pad Size
6-7 5-6 8-9 8-9 Medium
8-9 7-8 10-12  10-12 Large


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