Neat Feat Gel Metatarsal Pads



Designed to provide cushioning under the ball of the foot to ease ball foot pain and help prevent callus development. The soft gel provides extra protection and padding to help comfort the pain caused by metatarsal soreness. This product will help absorb the stress of walking and standing. The gel stays securely in place by a comfortable toe loop.


Neat Feat Gel Metatarsal Pad will offload pressure, provide cushioning and reduce friction in the metatarsal area. This in turn prevents pain from occurring at the front of the foot.


No matter the culprit behind metatarsal pain, it can be excruciating. If you’re sick of living in discomfort, take back control with a metatarsal pad that brings support and relief for the ball of your foot.

  • Reduces friction in the metatarsal area
  • Easily fits into almost any shoe
  • Gel-filled plaster designed to cushion the ball of the foot
  • Combats pain and prevents callus development

Metatarsal pain and calluses can be agonizing. This usually happens when the joints and ligaments become inflamed, or the “fatty pad” below your foot becomes worn down. For relief you can count on, choose Neat Feat’s Gel Metatarsal Pad. This easy gel-filled plaster fits right over your toe to prevent pain from occurring at the front of the foot, infused with mineral oil to expedite the healing process. Dual layering provides double the protection, with a loop that anchors the pad to the toe and front of the foot. You can even cut the pad down depending on your unique foot size. Perfect for walking, hiking, or general pain management and maintenance. This metatarsal pad takes the pressure off the ball of your foot while cushioning the sole and reducing friction in the metatarsal area. Don’t live in pain – let Neat Feat give you the reprieve you deserve with the ultimate metatarsal pad that slips right into any shoe. Order online today with worldwide shipping available or find us at your local pharmacy in Australia or New Zealand.

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