Neat Feat Gel Lined Toe Cap



Immediate relief to sore toes, ideal for ingrown toe nails or a lost toe nail, can be utilised for sore fingers too.


The Neat Feat Gel-Lined Toe Cap is ideal for protecting a toe from direct constant rubbing or pressure.


Tender toes? Stop walking on fire. Turn down the heat with Neat Feat’s Gel Toe Caps, expertly designed to protect and promote healing from the very first wear.

  • Enjoy instant relief for sore toes
  • Work just as well on sore fingers too
  • Perfect for in-grown or missing toenails
  • Mineral oil-infused gel gently soothes, nourishes, protects, and heals

Pain-free toes are often taken for granted. If your toes are sore all of the time, you’ll know about this all too well. Neat Feat is changing thousands of lives all across New Zealand, Australia, and the world, with expertly-designed toe caps that promise immediate relief. Whether you have an in-grown or missing toenail(s), or your toes are simply sensitive for whatever reason, they’ll adore this mineral oil-infused gel that effectively soothes and moisturizes the toes while relieving direct pressure and painful chafing. Finger pain? Use these gel-lined toe caps on the hands too – no problem! To maximize the impact of your new toe caps, apply your preferred topical antibiotic onto the caps before placing them onto your toes. You’ll enjoy enhanced soft protection with relief from the tips of your toes to the top of your head…and mind. Don’t live in pain a day longer. Find Neat Feat’s Gel Toe Caps at your local pharmacy in Australia or New Zealand, or order online to qualify for worldwide shipping.

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