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Neat Feat Exfoliant Soap is formulated to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It incorporates the invigorating ingredients of Kiwifruit seeds and Walnut shells to help remove dead skin cells and ingrained dirt particles from your feet, legs and body. Used Daily your skin will remain smooth and clean. an essential soap for all the family. Free from Sulphur and Sulphates. Deep Skin Cleanser, Smoothes Dry Skin, Natural Ingredients (Kiwifruit seeds and Walnut shells)


During showering use the Neat Feat Foot Scrub Soap, an exfoliating soap that removes ingrained dirt and dead skin.


Soap? Exfoliant? All in one? Yep – that’s what happens when you choose Neat Feat. No bathroom cabinet is complete without this high-performance exfoliant soap that removes even the most ingrained of dirt and lifts tough dead skin cells to the surface.

  • Bursting with deliciously-soothing kiwifruit seeds and crushed walnut shell
  • Immerse yourself in an invigorating scrub anytime day or night
  • Soothe and smoothen dry skin while giving hardworking feet a break
  • Use daily to build and maintain soft, smooth, and supple feet around the clock
  • Instantly comfort and console hot and tired feet with “sole” food


If you think you’re tired, just imagine how your feet feel. They silently carry your weight around, all day every day, without ever complaining or asking for a thing in return. At Neat Feat, we believe that no hard work should go unrewarded. Thank your soles for keeping you standing and moving forward, with a foot scrub soap and exfoliant that’s proven to be effective. Immerse your feet in an irresistible kiwifruit and walnut aroma fusion, lovingly blended with other all-natural ingredients you’ll love. The Neat Feat Exfoliant Soap features an advanced yet gentle formulation that’s safe for the whole family, and our shining reviews speak for themselves. To see what all the fuss is about, add this high-performance exfoliant soap to your cart right now. You can also find us at your local pharmacy. Indulge in an invigorating scrub, anytime, anywhere – only with Neat Feat. Worldwide shipping available!

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