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Neat Feat’s orthotics innovative Arch Cushions provide extra support for your feet, heels, and lower back. They are comfortable without feeling tight or taking up too much room in the shoe.


Foot arch pain? Don’t live in discomfort a second longer. Support is closer than you think, with the Neat Feat Arch Cushions, available in multiple sizes for personalized comfort.
  • Ideal for structural problems like high arches or flat feet
  • Eases pain caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament
  • Provides comfort and support against arch and heel pain
  • Enjoy extra support for the foot, heel, and even lower back

Arch issues can be more than annoying and uncomfortable. They can be downright painful, causing not only inflammation and aches. In more severe cases, the plantar fascia can actually be pulled away from the bone. Horrible, we know. No matter how severe your arch and structural problems, it’s never too late (or early) to make a change. Neat Feat’s professional arch cushions provide custom orthotic support when and where you need it the most. Enjoy enhanced comfort and support not only across the entire foot and heel, but all the way up to your lower back too. After all, foot problems are notorious for causing chaos all over the body. With proper arch support, you can improve any issues you may be experiencing with foot pronation and alignment, all for an unbeatably low price. You don’t necessarily have to visit a costly specialist. Neat Feat’s Arch Cushions might just be the solution to all your problems – you’ll never know unless you give them a go, so why not add them to your cart today? They’re so lightweight in shoes, you’ll almost forget they’re there. These orthotic rubber self-adhesive arch cushions work hard to conserve the foot’s structure. Order today for worldwide shipping or find us at your local pharmacy in Australia and New Zealand.


Euro Aust. Female US Female UK Female Aust. Male US Male UK Male Arch Cushions Size
36-38 6-8 5-7 4-6 3-5 4-6 3-5 Small
39-42.5 9-11 8-10 7-9 6-8 7-9 6-8 Medium
43-45 12+ 11+ 10+ 9-11 10-12  9-11 Large


Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 7 × 4 cm
Size Small, Medium, Large
Weight N/A

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