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Senior B will help prevent skin rashes caused by incontinence. Will help in the treatment and prevention of Pad Rash. Will protect against minor skin irritations associated with undergarment rash caused from wetness, urine and/or stool. Neat 3B Senior B was developed by New Zealand Doctors who wanted a product that prevented rash rather that an after the fact treatment as are most of the rash creams on the market. Neat 3B Senior B is formulated to neutralise acidic urine, returning the skin to a normal pH. It also contains moisturisers and emollients to keep the skin soft and supple helping to prevent skin rash. This is a Non-Prescription method of managing skin rash, it works by restoring the normal environment of the skin, so that rash cannot be sustained. it inhibits the growth of fungi that contibutes to skin irritation. Neat 3B Senior B reduces excess moisture and promotes more natural pH balance for the skin. Doctore developed, Pharmacist recommended.


Neat 3B Senior B was developed by Doctors who wanted a product that prevented rash rather than an ‘after the fact treatment’ as are most of the rash creams on the market.


Tired of treating the symptoms of dryness and skin rashes caused by incontinence? Want something that digs deeper and targets the root of the problem? Bag the Neat Senior B cream today – developed by doctors to treat the cause of skin rashes instead of providing an “after the fact” treatment!

  • Returns the skin to its normal pH
  • Bursting with moisturizers and emollients
  • Keeps the skin supple, smooth, and soft to the touch
  • Prevents skin-rash and chafing now and in the future
  • Neutralizes acidic urine

Skin rashes and chafing can be painful, especially in aging skin adversely affected by incontinence. That’s why the Neat Feat team has partnered with some of New Zealand’s leading doctors to develop a product that does more than treat the aftermath. Unlike many other rash creams on the market, this powerful lotion and emollient neutralizes acidic urine. Developed specifically with incontinent seniors in mind, this cream lovingly brings the skin back to its normal pH range. Keep your skin soft, supple, and smooth to the touch, while preventing future problems like fungi growth. You don’t need a prescription to get your first tube at your local pharmacy today. Want it now? Add it to your cart now and we’ll drop it at your doorstep asap. Prevent incontinence-induced skin rashes and live your life with confidence, with the Neat Feat Senior B Cream. Worldwide shipping available!

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