Neat 3B Body Saver 75 g



All over Body Antiperspirant & Chaffing Preventative – Helps prevent and temporarily protects chaffed skin. This product is safe to use on children and during pregnancy.


Trust New Zealand’s leading doctors to develop a potent cream that fights chafing and sweat-rash – head-on. Remove moisture between the thighs, buttocks, and breast area, soothing the skin and stopping embarrassing itches in their tracks.

  • Prevents sweat-rash and chafing caused by perspiration
  • Ideal for use between the thighs, breast area, and buttocks
  • Effective in treating bed sores
  • Soothes the skin and keeps itching at bay
  • Absorbs moisture between the skin folds


Developed by leading doctors for athletes, hikers, sportspeople, or those who are prone to getting hot, the Neat 3B Body Saver Cream is infused with an effective antiperspirant. This soothing emollient balm is perfect for use where the skin’s surfaces rub together and become inflamed – which is a common problem in people who carry a little extra weight. In fact, use this cream AM and PM, and you may even prevent bigger problems in future – like fungal infections. Stay fresh and comfortable all day every day (and night) so you can get back to the physical activities you enjoy with confidence. Buy online or find it at your local pharmacy (in the deodorant section). Unconvinced? Click here to see what our happy customers have to say about the Neat Feat 3B Body Saver emollient today. We ship worldwide!

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