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The Mason Pearson Pure Boar Bristle & Nylon Mix Brush has been developed specifically for normal to thick hair. An iconic hairbrush, loved by generations, it is a British design icon founded in the Industrial Revolution that has stood the test of time. The original pneumatic rubber cushion hairbrush. The famous orange pad fills with air through a small hole in the tip of the brush, giving the hairbrush a luxurious soft cushion. The high quality bristle ensures beautiful results and longevity of use. The pure bristle tuft is gentle on the hair and scalp; whilst the nylon tufts control and style the hair. Revive dry hair and give it a healthy sheen by brushing for 3-4 minutes every day.

– 5 rings of boar bristle & nylon tufts
– A great pocket sized option for on-the go styling.
– Hand-finished
– Full size handle for easy and comfortable use
– Compact brush head so that brush is easier to draw through hair
– Best suited for average or denser hair of short to medium length.
– Each tuft contains bristles cut in 2 lengths.

Start from the tip. To detangle, slowly brush your hair with steady downward strokes to the ends, clearing out any knots and moving the starting position upwards to the crown. Then, brush from the crown to the ends with the bristles massaging the scalp. The pad cushions the impact on the head, flexing with any resistance encountered during the brush stroke. The downward strokes ensure natural oils are dispersed throughout the hair; leaving the hair with high-shine and a natural layer of protection.

To clean, insert a comb horizontally from one side, lift off any dirt and hair; repeat from the other side/ends if necessary. Use the cleaning brush, lining up its tufts with the spaces of the hairbrush to clean the rubber; slightly scrub away the remaining dirt along the lengths of the brush. Add mild soap to warm water, dip the tufts of the cleaning brush and repeat same process as before. Avoid too much water directly on the hairbrush, shake and leave to dry.

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