iD Expert Slip Plus – MEDIUM (80-125cm)



Millions of people around the world trust the iD brand. ConfidenceClub has chosen to supply the iD brand because it offers the choice of more sizing and absorbency options and represents great value for quality products.

2000mL Maximum Capacity
800mL – 1300mL Working Capacity

SIZE: Medium – Waist 80cm – 125cm

iD Brand All-In-Ones Discreetly Delivered to Your Door

iD Expert Slips are all-in-one disposable incontinence nappy-style briefs offering an effective solution for managing moderate to heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. With a high level of absorption, the all-in-ones provide the user with anti-leakage security and optimal comfort. Suitable for male and female incontinence, the iD Expert Slip is recommended for people with limited mobility or who are confined to bed.

Medium Size:

This all-in-one is designed to fit waist sizes from 80cm to 125cm

It offers a High Absorbency Maximum Capacity of 2000mL (Working Capacity 800mL to 1300mL)

Features and Benefits:

id odour control Odour Control Built-In
id fast absorption Fast Absorption Technology
id cotton feel Cotton Feel Backsheet
id dermatologically tested Dermatologically Tested
id anti leakage Anti-Leakage Protection
id wetness indicator Wetness Indicator
id latex free Latex Free


  • Packed in bags of 28 pieces
  • “Packs” contain 1 bag of 28 pieces
  • “Cartons” contain 4 bags of 28 for 112 total pieces
  • Product Code NOPM28

Maximum Capacity is the capacity identified in laboratory testing under ISO Standards. The Working Capacity that each user will experience will differ based on a number of factors including whether the user is female or male, the velocity of the flow, whether the user is primarily standing, walking, sitting or lying down when voiding, and more. It is generally accepted that Working Capacity is between 40% to 65% of Maximum Capacity

iD Product Code: 5610260280-01


ConfidenceClub Pty Ltd

Pack Quantity

Carton of 112, Pack of 28

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