iD Care Wet Wipes



Millions of people around the world trust the iD brand. ConfidenceClub has chosen to supply the iD brand because it represents great value for quality products.


30cm x 25cm (approx)

iD Care Wet Wipes Discreetly Delivered to Your Door

These iD Care wet wipes are essential for maintaining good personal hygiene. They are made from a soft moisturised cloth designed to clean and nourish sensitive skin. Each wipe is moisturised with a lightly scented lotion with chamomile extract to calm skin irritations, and keep the skin soft and refreshed.

These cleansing wipes can be used several times a day on your body. There is no need for water when using the wipes. The thick strength of the wipes means one wet wipe is the equivalent to a handful of smaller wipes.

Features and Benefits:

soft and moisturised Soft and Moisturised Nourishes sensitive skin leaves the skin soft and moisturised and calm skin irritations
dermatologically tested Dermatologically Tested Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested


  • Packed in bags of 63 wipes
  • “Packs” contain 4 bags for 252 total wipes
  • “Cartons” contain 8 bags for 504 total wipes
  • Product code: COW63


iD Product Code: 859006401

Weight N/A

ConfidenceClub Pty Ltd

Pack Quantity

Carton of 504, Pack of 252, Pack of 63

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