Outdoor Bundle | Insulin Pump Belt | 25 CGM Patches | Black



Our Glucology outdoor bundle is designed to move with you ensuring that you feel supported while enjoying your day-to-day activities. The Insulin pump belt is fitted with a wide opening, allowing you to place and remove items easily without any hassle. Its mesh panel is designed for easy viewing and operation of your insulin pump without needing to remove the belt or take it out of the pouch. Paired with our Glucology CGM patches which are a lightweight solution to help protect and extend the life of your sensor. The Cotton and Spandex blend provides a unique elastic quality to ensure flexibility, durability, and maximal comfort.


  • 1x Insulin Pump Belt
  • 1x Pack of CGM patches (25 patches)


  • Carry your insulin pump discreetly with the pump belt having a slim and compact profile to wear under your shirt, sweater or coat without looking bulky.
  • Easy access to your pump and cable with the mesh pouch allowing you to view your pump or take it out of the pouch without having to take the belt off
  • Made with high-quality stretch fabric that conforms to your waist with a discrete hook-and-loop dot providing extra protection for your insulin pump
  • Store small personal items in any of the pocket compartments on the belt


  • Waterproof and sweat-resistant making them perfect for exercise and travel
  • Fast and simple application through simply removing the backing paper to expose the sticky adhesive
  • Made with hypoallergenic materials providing an irritation-free experience for all ages and skin types. This product contains no latex.

IBD Medical Trading Pty Ltd


Dexcom G4/ G5, Dexcom G6, Freestyle Libre, Guardian/ Enlite/ Libre, Omnipod


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