Ghost Galleon


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Ships From: Australia

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by Errol Bishop

Still the wave built without breaking, the Andorinha’s keel riding its crest. Majestically she raced shoreward, carried by the wave’s immense power. She must have been riding twenty feet above the ground when the wave crossed the shoreline and, although it was now breaking, the ship’s forward momentum continued. Her hull scraped over the low dunes, coming to rest in the shallow waters of a swamp. A two-year journey … a lifetime of preparation … a disaster of unmitigated proportion; caused by forces beyond Hosea’s control. How could he now complete the voyage for his king and country? What of the men whose faith in his leadership had remained firm in spite of earlier difficulties they had encountered? This a story about the Age of Discovery. A time that has had its history re-written as more discoveries have unlocked the truth about the first Europeans in Australia. Could this be another time?

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