This is more than just your standard vibrator. It pulses, taps, flutters, shakes, and shimmies, making you feel things you’ve never felt before. Using patented new technology to move, not just vibrate, this incredibly vertistile vibrator can be used in so many ways, internally and externally, for a hands-free, waterproof satisfaction unlike anything you’ve had before.

With new Pulse Vibe technology, Sundaze offers a spectrum of sensations that stimulate the body in unexpected ways. Its range of tapping, vibrating, and pulsing sensations engages nerve endings other vibrators can’t, and awakens the blood flow for instant arousal. While most vibrators only stimualte one kind of nerve ending, Sundaze stimulates three: Merkel’s Disks, Pacinian Corpuscles, and the Ruffini Endings. The array of sensations invites people to spend time exploring, leading to fuller orgasms with no danger of habituation, and is great for sensitive people, as well as power lovers. In a nutshell: Sundaze is that leisurely Sunday afternoon play date. There are no agendas, just pure pleasure and discovery.


The Spicy Boudoir


Fuschia Pink, Grape, Pink, Pistachio

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