Exotic Dinner – 3 Course Meal Gourmet Gift With Zesty Flavours



Perfect for a foodie friend who likes strong flavours and spices. A please-all gift to employees or colleagues with multibuy discount


Why you will love this:

A plentiful feast for 2-4 people

Packed with flavours and spices

Perfect for a date night


You will receive:

  • Moroccan Recipe Base – Tagine  325g

A zesty and medium spiced base to easily make an authentic Moroccan Tagine

  • Dukkah Spice Blend  60g

A warm blend that goes perfect on a salad, poached eggs, avocado, or couscous

  • Date Balsamic Vinegar  250ml

Made from 100% dates. Is rich, fruity, and slightly sweet. Use it the same as balsamic vinegar

  • Persian Love Cake Kit  450g

Cake pre-mix, icing, and garnish with step by step instructions

  • Persian Love Tea  20g

Premium black tea with rose petals and cardamom

  • Step By Step Instructions

An easy-to-follow guide for an authentic experience

  • Gila’s Persian e-Cookbook

Start your journey of exotic cooking in 2022 with our founder’s Persian cookbook


Exotic Bazaar

Choose Your Cake Mix Base

Gluten Free, Original Recipe

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