Easy Prey – An Imperial Challenge


by David B Hoy

Easy Prey is a systematic and thorough evaluation of Australia’s capability in defending itself as an independent nation from the perspective of the history of its military intelligence.

The quality and timeliness of military intelligence is a cornerstone of sound national security. In three volumes, Easy Prey explores the successes and, more notably, the shortcomings and all-too-frequent stumbling in Australia. It ranges across a panoply of involved parties: the military; the politicians; the early days of the colonies, then later, the states and the Commonwealth; the early settlers; the geographic imperatives; the ‘Mother Country’; a horde of others, especially the Russians, French and Japanese.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The genesis of many of today’s problems is traced back through our colonial and early federation history. Easy Prey draws lessons that will be valuable in informing future strategy and decisions.

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