Dailee Pants Plus – SMALL (60 – 100cm)


1700mL Maximum Capacity
680mL – 1105mL Working Capacity
Waist 60cm – 100cm

Ergonomically designed and figure-flattering replacement underwear ideal for sufferers of moderate incontinence with an active lifestyle. Easy to pull up and down just like regular underpants with quick tear side for easy removal.

  • Stretch fabric for easy mobility and superior comfort
  • Soft waistband and real underwear feel
  • Invisible, ultra slim fit for maximum discretion
  • Breathable fabric technology for skin health
  • Trademark Magical Tubes® with three channel technology for superior absorbency and odour control keeping you fresh and dry
  • Ultimate defences leakage barriers and leg cuffs off protection and confidence
  • Dermatologically tested and latex free
  • Use day and night
  • Suitable for moderate bladder weakness, faecal and mixed incontinence
  • Unisex

Maximum Capacity is the capacity identified in laboratory testing under ISO Standards. The Working Capacity that each user will experience will differ based on a number of factors including whether the user is female or male, the velocity of the flow, whether the user is primarily standing, walking, sitting or lying down when voiding, and more. It is generally accepted that Working Capacity is between 40% to 65% of Maximum Capacity

Product Code: PDPS14
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ConfidenceClub Pty Ltd

Pack Quantity

Carton of 84, Pack of 14, Pack of 28

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