USB Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Lamp – Carved Shape Rocks Light Bulb Decor Lamps




These salt lamps are safety tested and approved so you can buy any salt lamp from us with no worries and a piece of mind.

The soothing glow and striking shapes of our Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps will enhance the décor of any room. These natural works of art not only look stunning but are known for their enormous benefits to our wellbeing & health.

Warning: We recommend you place a mat, plate, or anything under your salt lamp to protect your furniture. This is because over time, the salt will naturally absorb moisture from the air which might result in the salt lamp “sweating” from the outside.

Package includes:

  • A Hand Excavated or Carved Shape Pink Salt Lamp from salt deposits at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan
  • A LED Light Bulb included (no need to buy your bulb)
  • USB Plug included

The wooden base diameter is approximately 7cm and the indicative weights & heights for each shape as follows

  • Natural Rock Shape ~ 0.45 Kgs ~8.5cm
  • Sphere/Ball Shape ~ 0.7 Kgs ~ 8.5cm
  • Heart Shape ~ 0.6 Kgs ~ 8.5cm
  • Egg Shape ~ 1.1 Kgs ~ 11.5cm
  • Cylinder Shape ~ 1.5 Kgs ~ 11cm
  • Pyramid Shape ~ 0.6 Kgs ~ 8.5cm

…Please note colour may vary and based on the natural cut of the rock…. also these are only indicative sizes and may vary by a few centimetres or grams based on the exact shape cut of the lamp…

Weight N/A



Pyramid, Heart, Rose, Egg, Cylinder, Sphere / Ball, Natural Rock

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