Colour Me Happy Wooden Bracelets (13 Options Avail)



Introducing you to some dopamine goodness! Our Colour Me Happy Bracelets are sure to pop a smile on your face. The perfect mood booster for you or a friend.

Made from sustainably sourced wood beads in a gloss finish and elasticated for easy wear, you’ll never want to take them off.

Each bracelet comes with a specially curated colour meaning card and pouch designed by our wonderful Chief Dreamer Skye Anderton. Our Colour Me Happy Bracelets will anchor you to the feeling their colour evokes!

Due to the nature of the materials used you may find inconsistencies in colour and finish but we belive this adds to their unique beauty.

Diameter: 6.5cm (elasticised)
Weight: 9g

Green = Growth, Prosperity, Healing, Opportunity, Harmony

Orange = Courage, Confidence, Success, Joy, Warmth, Balance

Blue = Peace, Calm, Soothing, Tranquil, Reliable

Purple = Nobility, Spirituality, Ambition, Depth, Mystery, Independence

Yellow = Energy, Creativity, Happiness, Optimism, Friendship

Hot Pink = Compassion, Health, Playfulness, Femninity, Romance, Love

Beige = Dependable, Pureness, Relaxing, Neutral, Calm

Wood = Reliability, Warmth, Resilience, Dependability, Security, Safety

Red = Love, Power, Strength, Passion, Energy

Aqua = Healing, Protection, Tranquility, Intuitive, Growth, Peace

Emerald = Abundance, Growth, Prosperity, Balance, Harmony

Navy = Trust, Stability, Confidence, Bravery, Honor, Reliability

Weight N/A

Ruby Olive


Apple Green, AQUA, Dark Wood, EMERALD, HOT PINK, Light Wood, MID BLUE, Multi, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

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