Christmas Mix Shower Curtain




It’s all about Christmas! Shower curtains designed for the holidays are the most fabulous bathroom decoration for that time of the year. This particular print is what Christmas is all about, red, beautiful and full of joy. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Shower curtains are made of quality polyester fabric, with a unique, vivid print so color never fades. Our wide range of designs will help you decorate your bathroom in minimal effort with a design that fits your personal wills.
  • Made of a sealed fabric for your own privacy.
  • Made of water-resistant material that prevents mold and mildew.
  • Quick-drying fabric. No liner is needed.
  • Easy to wash, machine wash cold.
  • Stainless metal buttonholes for right grip.
  • Packed with plastic C-shaped shower curtain hooks.
  • Bath mat is made of soft flannel fabric.
  • 72in*72in is the standard shower curtain size.
Every shower curtains design can be print on a bath mat. You may either purchase curtain only, bath mat only or shower curtain and bath mat set.

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60cm*40cm Bath Mat Only, 75cm*45cm Bath Mat Only, 90cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set, 90cm*180cm + 75cm*45cm Set, 90cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only, 120cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only, 120cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set, 120cm*180cm + 75cm*45cm Set, 136cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only, 136cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set, 136cm*200cm + 60cm*40cm Set, 136cm*200cm + 75cm*45cm Set, 136cm*180cm + 75cm*45cm Set, 136cm*200cm Shower Curtain Only, 150cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only, 150cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set, 150cm*180cm + 75cm*45cm Set, 165cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only, 165cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set, 165cm*180cm + 75cm*45cm Set, 180cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only, 180cm*180cm + 75cm*45cm Set, 180cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set, 180cm(W)*200cm(L) Shower Curtain Only, 180cm(W)*200cm(L) + 60cm*40cm Set, 180cm(W)*200cm(L) + 75cm*45cm Set, 200cm(W)*180cm(L) Shower Curtain Only, 200cm(W)*180cm(L) + 75cm*45cm Set, 200cm(W)*180cm(L) + 60cm*40cm Set

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