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Breathe some life back into your home and purify your sanctuary. This bundle is perfect for creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere at home and creating DIY household cleaning blends.



Spruce Up Your Surrounds

Breathe some life back into your home and purify your sanctuary. This bundle is perfect for creating a soothing, relaxing atmosphere at home and creating DIY household cleaning blends.

The Household Essentials includes:

  • 1 x Kunzea Essential Oil [RRP $19.95]
  • 1 x Lemon Essential Oil [RRP $19.95]
  • 1 x Peppermint Essential Oil [RRP $19.95]
  • 1 x Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil  [RRP $19.95]
  • 1 x Rosalina Essential Oil  [RRP $19.95]

The antibacterial and disinfectant properties of each oil can be diluted and mixed with warm water to create the perfect all-purpose cleaner and air freshener to ward away pesky germs and airborne pathogens.

You can blend them individually or create your own blends to diffuse.

The perfect solution to non-toxic cleaning and relaxation at home.



✓ Single Origin Essential Oil
✓ 100% Pure & Clean
✓ Sustainably and Ethically Sourced
✓ Organically Grown
✓ Proudly Australian Owned
✓ Vegan and Cruelty Free
✓ GC/MS Tested
✓ No Synthetics, Fillers or Additives
✓ For General Health and Wellbeing
✓ 25+ Years Industry Experience
✓ Donate 1% of all sales to the Planet



– Add 1-2 drops of to an aroma diffuser to freshen the atmosphere and promote a feeling of general wellbeing.
– Use as a home remedy to repel bugs naturally.
– Create a DIY all-purpose cleaner by adding several drops of oil to a spray bottle with water and white vinegar and spritz throughout your home to freshen and purify your surroundings.
– Harness the natural antibacterial properties by adding a few drops to hot water, and use as a household cleaner to disinfect surfaces.

WARNINGS: For external use only. Dilute before use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. These safety guidelines are not a complete safety reference for the proper use of essential oils. When in doubt, consult your physician and/or a qualified and trained aromatherapy practitioner.

STORAGE: Store below 30°C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.



Kunzea Essential Oil (Kunzea ambigua): The heart of our brand, Australian Kunzea is a natural treasure when it comes to essential oils. It is derived from the Kunzea ambigua plant that flourishes in the pristine wilderness of North-East Tasmania. Kunzea has a naturally clean and fresh aroma, often compared to the native scent of the Australian bush. A high content of organic C15 compounds gives this remarkable ingredient its therapeutic uses and benefits.

Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limonum): A sweet citrusy essential oil that has excellent cleansing and uplifting properties. Lemon may help to clear the mind of sluggishness and apathy, brighten your outlook on life and enhance positivity. Also great to add to DIY home cleaning blends.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita): An intensely fresh and minty oil with an uplifting scent that is the perfect home deodoriser. Peppermint can help to relieve tension and as well as ease tired limbs. Its cooling properties may increase blood flow and muscle relaxation.

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (Backhousia citriodora): Lemon Myrtle has a clean, sweet lemon aroma that is cherished for its aromatic properties and uplifting benefits. Known to promote feelings of positivity, clarity and calm in your environment, it may help clear the mind and assist concentration. The antiseptic, disinfectant and antibacterial properties make it great for all-purpose cleaning.

Rosalina Essential Oil (Melaleuca ericifolia): This lovely oil features a fresh, earthy, gentle lavender aroma with mild Eucalyptus and Tea Tree undertones. Its aromatic qualities are commonly used for the health of the respiratory system, body, and mind. Therapeutically, Rosalina combines many of the same properties of both Tea Tree and Lavender, promoting relaxation, while also providing antibacterial antiviral benefits that the Melaleuca family is so well known for aiding.

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