Aerobic Workout 2 Block Bench Step




Enjoy the convenience of a full-body aerobic workout in the privacy of your home!

Our two-level aerobic step design earns a commercial gym grade rating. Don”t take time from your busy schedule to run to the gym for a good step aerobic workout. You can reap the benefits of a great step routine in the convenience of your home – anytime day or night.

Step aerobics offers a full body workout: improves coordination, burns fat and tones up hips and legs. You can expand your step routine to include weight training and push-ups.

This aerobic step is identical to those you will find in the finest and most advanced professional gyms in Australia. The step bench is adjustable in height allowing beginners and advanced step aerobics advocates alike to enjoy its benefits and challenge.

Order one today and start the journey to the body shaping and toning you’ve always wanted.


Wide platform

Non-slip deck and floor pads

Pre-assembled 2-block stack design

Commercial gym grade

Overall dimensions: 68 L x 28 W x (10-15) H cm

Adjustable height

No stack: 10cm

One stack: 15cm

Weight capacity: 250kg

Product weight: 2.8kg

1 x Aerobic Workout 2 Block Bench Step

Weight N/A

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