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I’m Sandy, the formulator of HappyPause™ Balm. HappyPause™ eases vulvovaginal dryness to help us get our groove back. Vulval vaginal atrophication (VVA) and vaginal dryness are a real thing for millions of us as we navigate our post-menopausal years. Chemo and cancer recovery, too, leave us fighting chronic dryness. HappyPause™ is gentle and eases discomfort. The blend of ethically sourced direct micro expelled hand pressed coconut oil, with additional plant derived natural ingredients to seal in moisture mean your intimates are soothed with no preservatives or nasties. For me personally, I feel sexy again & back to my happy self. And that happy self is the self we all want to embrace the most during this era. I hope HappyPause™ Balm provides you relief from dryness and becomes an integral component of how you manage your own journey. Happy Vibes from the creator of HappyPause™.

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