Your say: Is this taking technology too far?

Facebook is a place for friends…and now apparently, a place to file for divorce. Yes, that’s right, a New York judge has said that Facebook is an acceptable means of serving divorce papers.

Ellanora Arthur Baidoo has become the first person to divorce over Facebook, after she had tried unsuccessfully to divorce her husband for several years. According to Ms Baidoo’s attorney, Andrew Spinnell, the man in question has not been able to be reached and did not want to be served the papers.

CNN reports that Justice Matthew Cooper said the “advent and ascendency of social media,” means sites like Facebook and Twitter are the “next frontier” as “forums through which a summons can be delivered”.

Ms Baidoo simply wants to move on and does not want any money from her estranged husband.

It begs the question: could other people send summons papers through Facebook to their wives and husbands? Or could it be misused? Much like email, Facebook is open for messages from strangers, so it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to send through documents to someone, or does it?

So have your say tonight: do you think that you should be able to send divorce papers through Facebook? Would you attempt it if you had exhausted all other avenues?

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