Your iPhone is keeping a hidden record of everywhere you’ve been

Have you ever stopped to consider that your beautiful, helpful and friendly iPhone is harbouring information about where you’ve been,

Have you ever stopped to consider that your beautiful, helpful and friendly iPhone is harbouring information about where you’ve been, and where you go regularly that you might not want stored?  It is and it is a setting that you have control over. In fact, I went looking today and found out how you can check the information it is storing and turn it off.

Deep in your “Settings” on your iPhone is a area called “Location settings” and even deeper than that is stored your “Frequent Locations”. This area plots your movements on a map and records the places you go frequently, right down to the address and maps it. You might like the fact that your phone can then be used to find local service providers with relative ease, or you might feel a little spooked.  So today we have information on how to turn it off.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Privacy, and then Location Services.

3. At the very bottom of the list of apps under Location Services, you’ll find System Services—choose it.

Find location services

4. On this page you can see everything the iPhone is recording as private information. At the bottom is Frequent Locations. Choose this.

5. And there it is, all laid out for you. If you select something on your frequent location list, your map of where you’ve been will show up, just like mine below.

Starts at 60 offices_33

6. So let’s clear it out. Back out from one of the locations you selected, and at the bottom of this list, choose Clear History.

7. Now, at the top, toggle Frequent Locations off.

Your locations

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  1. I use the Maps app on my phone regularly. If I turn off location will that affect this ?

  2. When the USSR, was around the propaganda was that the COMMUNISTS want to control you! NOW who controls society?

  3. Just a little tip, if you have iPhone as I do take the time to get to know it. There are lots of things you may not want or need all the time, so go through all of you privacy and security settings and set them up to PROTECT yourself, it’s worth it and it doesn’t take much of your time.

  4. I’ve always had the location off . I don’t need people to know where I’m at unless I tell them

  5. If you do not do anything wrong or going anywhere you shouldn’t, then what is the problem? It may come in handy and be very useful information.

  6. Always have had the location turned off. None of their business where I am.

  7. Mobile phones have always been able to keep track of where you have been and I am not sure you can erase all records. It has something to do with the phone ‘polling’ the cell towers as you travel, I think. Some years ago, NSW police convicted a man of murder after his mobile phone records showed he had been near a tower where the murder weapon was found, even though he denied being anywhere near that location.

    • Same thing in a murder in Brunswick, the killer had his phone and her (Jill’s) phone, this is how police found the killer. With a few other clues

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