You won’t believe your eyes when you see this dog… He can do every household chore imaginable!

His owners claim he is world’s smartest dog and we have to say, we completely agree! Jesse the Jack Russell

His owners claim he is world’s smartest dog and we have to say, we completely agree! Jesse the Jack Russell is one of the most amazing animals we’ve ever seen, and in the video below he demonstrates his incredible ability to do chores around the house such as mop the floor, dusting, putting down the toilet seat, taking out the bin, open and closing the door, grabbing a towel for his owner and much more.

When we watched this, we couldn’t believe our eyes! Plus it’s so funny and adorable too.

10-year-old Jesse is his owner Heather Brook’s pride and joy, and in an interview with Small Animal Talk, she said she realised he was unique when at 9 weeks old he taught himself how to sit up and beg like a meerkat.

“We started working on the basic tricks (such as rollover, play dead, and shake), and he kept picking them up really quickly; all the while with a big happy smile across his face, and a spark in his eye. We then started working on more advanced tricks (such as walking through my legs, jumping into my arms, and walking backwards), and Jesse was always ready for a new challenge. The speed and intensity with how Jesse learned each trick always had me in awe. He is also very creative in his techniques; thinking up many of the tricks he knows, all by himself”, said Heather.

So how does Jesse do it?

“Jesse and I train using positive reinforcement and relationship-based training…Jesse is rewarded for offering and performing behaviours with treats, toys, and praise. To teach new behaviours, we use shaping and a clicker to mark the exact moment Jesse is doing something right”.

Jesse has featured in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2”, “Hornet’s Nest” and “Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie” as well as starring on the Late Show with David Letterman and a range of commercials.

Take a look at this amazing dog and tell us, does your dog know any tricks?

  1. What a brilliant dog heaps better and more obedient than some children. What a help around the house, plus he seems to enjoy it so much.

  2. I had a Jack Russell called Jaxon who was identical looking to Jesse. Couldn’t do any tricks but could catch rats like a champ. RIP Jaxon.

  3. This dog is stupid. If he made out he was useless like most sensible husbands he could lie around all day doing nothing and waiting to be fed

  4. My Jack Russell x mini foxy is spoilt she lies around under the fan all day and is only active at meal times and some of our walking in the morning the rest of the walk she sits in a stroller, which she likes but in truth she does have a heart condition so she can not walk as much as my younger dog which is a chihuahua x tenterfield terrier and my self we walk for 1-1 1/2 hours every other morning.

  5. Never been a fan of teaching pets ‘tricks’. They just need lots of love and some nice interesting walks to keep them happy.

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