You probably never knew coconut oil could do these 10 things!

Coconut oil may seem like a fad, but don’t dismiss it – this liquid gold is so beneficial. We did

Coconut oil may seem like a fad, but don’t dismiss it – this liquid gold is so beneficial. We did some research and found some of the best ways to use coconut oil every day.

Check them out and tell us, do you use coconut oil for anything interesting or clever?

1. Lighten age spots

Lighten age spots by rubbing coconut oil directly onto the skin daily.

2. Intensive conditioner

Give your hair an intensive condition by rubbing coconut oil into dry hair, covering with a shower cap and leaving for a minimum of three hours before rinsing out.

3. Foot scrub

Create a foot scrub by rubbing coconut oil mixed with sea salt onto areas of dry skin on your feet. It’s so relaxing and smells great.

4. Whitening toothpaste

Mix coconut oil with a small amount of bicarb soda and use as a whitening toothpaste.

5. Remove makeup

Rub coconut oil into your skin and wipe off with a warm cloth to remove all traces of makeup.

6. Restore stuck zippers

Rub small amounts of coconut oil over them to ease them open.

7. Reshine patent leather

Buff coconut oil into the surface and wipe clean! Easy.

8. Relieve a sore throat

Swallow a small dollop of coconut oil or add some to a herbal tea to stop the itching and soreness.

9. Wound salve

Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years to speed healing of rashes, burns, and open wounds. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut oil help to keep the area free of infection, and the lauric acid in coconut oil helps to speed healing.

10. Nail cuticle oil

Apply coconut oil to your finger beds to reduce the risk of developing fungal infections and to make it easier to push back cuticles so your nails can naturally grow more quickly.

Do you have any other uses for coconut oil?