You could be doing something 150 times a day...and it's making you bad mannered!

We’ve all been there: you’re having a coffee with a friend and their phone rings, they answer it and then spend the next 20 minutes talking to someone else, while you politely wait with your coffee going cold and your temper fraying. Over the years, smart phones have gone from being a novelty in the hands of early adopters to being commonplace and according to the most recent research, we check our phones about 150 times a day.

It’s estimated that 85 per cent of Australians own a smart phone. Our love for digital devices is strong, and growing every day with around a third of those who don’t already have a smartphone or tablet planning to buy one in the next 12 months. So they are everywhere and they are really useful. We text and call, face time our family and friends, book flights and even use them to check how active we are being.

Checking your phone is fine when you are on your own, but if you check it when you are with someone, are you being rude? It’s even worse if the person checking their phone is a teenager. Should we politely sit there quietly waiting for them to return their attention to us, or should we speak up and nip the bad manners in the bud?

We’ve come up with a few rules we think everyone should abide by when using the mobile – feel free to add your own.

*Give the person you are with your full attention.

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*Don’t shout – that’s what the phone is for.

*Don’t ignore quiet zones on trains and in public buildings.

*If you are with someone don’t answer it. That’s what voicemail is for.

*Don’t make waiters and shop assistants wait till you have finished your conversation.

*If you’re under 16 you don’t need a mobile.

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Have we got it covered or are there more rules you’d like to add? Tell us how often you think you check your mobile phone every day?