You can make this cheap, easy fabric softener at home!

Don’t spend up to $10 on litres of fabric softener. This homemade recipe is a fraction of the cost, yet just

Don’t spend up to $10 on litres of fabric softener. This homemade recipe is a fraction of the cost, yet just as effective!

Try it for yourself by following these simple instructions, which makes 3 Litres.


– 5 cups of hot water
– 3 cups of vinegar
– 1 cup of hair conditioner (Hint: you can vary the smell of the fabric softener by using different hair conditioners)
– 1 container (For storage purposes)


– Mix the hair conditioner and the hot water together in a bowl (Hot water will help to smooth the lumps of the conditioner)
– Add the vinegar into the mixture
– Pour the mixture into a container of your choice
– Add 1/4 cup of fabric softer to a full load of laundry

Will you give this clever idea a go?

  1. Just use plain white vinegar instead and your washing will still smell great & towels etc are soft too – believe me. And it cleans your machine at the same time. And its cheaper. And it doesn’t affect our waterways. I didn’t believe it to start with, but give it a try, your washing & machine won’t smell vinegary …. End of lecture 🙂

  2. I don’t use fabric softener just a good flap on the line takes care of that

    • Everytime we have a warm (not too hot) day and a stiff breeze, I hear my mother’s voice from the grave….”It’s a good day for drying towels”… and I do..

  3. I never use fabric softener either, but looking at this recipe,I can’t see it being too much cheaper, by the time you add a cup of hair conditioner to your 3 cups of vinegar

    • I was thinking the same thing after I had thought about it for awhile I buy the sachet fabric softener that’s usually only about $1 then I make it up in a 5 litre container as its too strong smelling making it up to 2 litres I put it in a smaller container so I can lift it even then I often water it down & I certainly don’t use 1/4 cup

  4. There are also chemicals – and perfume in the hair conditioner. and it is not necessary, 2 tablespoon of vinegar for each wash is enough.
    It is the calcium in the water that makes the clothes stiff, and the vinegar prevent this.

  5. Those that support vinegar only are on the right track! Fabric softeners can build up in the machine and cause major problems. Fabric softeners will also build up in the items washed, and remain as unseen “gunk”. I should imagine hair conditioner would do the same. Just use washing soda (1/4 cup), with half the recommended scoop of a detergent, and fill the softener dispenser with vinegar. Works all the time and you have a clean machine!

  6. I buy the El cheapo stuff and it works well. Costs about $1.95 for two litres and lasts for about 6 weeks.

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