Would you do this 6,000 times a day to prevent arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the diseases that becomes more prevalent, and more debilitating, as we age. It is an unfortunate disease that is difficult to manage as the pain increases to the point where we can no longer move around and do the everyday things we have always done.

But, researchers from Boston University have conducted a study on arthritis patients and found that there is a way  to prevent the worsening of the disease, or if started early enough, could prevent it entirely.

That is walking. And if you can take up to 6,000 steps every day, you are highly likely to enjoy the majority of your older years pain free.

Specifically, the study found that;

  • If you keep active walking at least 1,000 steps a day despite having bad knees, you are much more likely to be mobile two years later whereas someone who stops walking due to the knee pain is highly likely to have no mobility left.
  • Walking 3,000 steps a day stopped arthritis symptoms worsening.
  • Each 1,000 steps reduces the offs of a reduction in mobility by a fifth.
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The reason that something as simple as walking can help the joints and prevent pain is that activity keeps the joints lubricated  and therefore, the more frequently people exercise, the better lubricated their joints are and the less pain they will feel.

These 6,000 steps aren’t meant to be down the street, the researchers said that they can be completed anywhere at any time even while doing simple chores around the house like making beds or doing the vacuuming.

The researchers also recommended that wearing a pedometer was one of the best ways monitor this and anyone with knee pain should integrate a pedometer into their everyday lifestyle just as they do weighing themselves.

We all know someone who sadly struggles with the pain brought on by arthritis and many of us know just how bad it can be, so do your best to prevent it now, before it becomes too painful.

Do you monitor your steps each day? How many on average do you think you walk? Tell us in the comments below…