Would these reasons be enough for you to retire into a tiny house?

Have you ever heard of the tiny house movement? Also known as the ‘small house movement’, it is an architectural and social
Photo credit: Tumbleweed Houses.

Have you ever heard of the tiny house movement? Also known as the ‘small house movement’, it is an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes just like this one.

These petite homes are not just a trend for youngsters. In fact more and more over-60s are choosing to go tiny as these houses can allow them to maintain their own living space, while still being near their kids and grandkids, if they like.

Bette Presley, 74, downsized from a traditional mobile home where she lived for 14 years to a 166-square-foot cabin.

She says that at 72, living in the tiny home lets her live a much simpler lifestyle.

“How can I exist in my old age,” she said to Tumbleweed Houses. She knew she wanted to live closer to nature, to be with the deer and the squirrels, to get rid of the clutter, to live simply, to be “off the grid” as much as possible, and be closer to her kids. The good thing is, her tiny home is also classified as a motorhome.

Take a look inside this tiny house on wheels…


Would a tiny home be for you too? Here are 5 wonderful benefits that might sway you to go small…


Save on energy bills

The energy needed  for such a tiny space is much lesser than the energy needed for a traditional home. And because your home is tiny, the appliances will also be smaller which work more efficiently. You’ll use less power to heat and cool the air and ultimately, pay a much smaller energy bill. Imagine how much money you will save if you tile the roof with solar panels!


Live clutter-free

Most people don’t realise how much they accumulate over the years and a lot of things tend to hold some sentimental value. Having lots of things in the house can lead to hoarding and a messy place but if you move to a tiny house, you will only have meaningful and really necessary things.


Be eco-friendly

One of the ways to contribute to the sustainability of our planet is to consume less natural resources and tiny houses naturally need less material.  It makes sense in today’s changing environmental climate.


Less time and money cleaning

Hiring a cleaner generally costs anywhere between $20 and $35 these days and a house typically needs two be cleaned. Luckily, your tiny house is so small that it might take just 15 minutes to tiny up. And because it’s so petite, you might end up not needing cleaners. After all, cost-cutting is part of the objectives of downsizing.


Live anywhere

The thing about staying in a traditional home is that you’re pretty much staying where the house is. What if you get tired of your neighbourhood? Or just want a change of scenery once in a while? With a tiny home, you can hook it up to a vehicle and drive away. Imagine long holidays where you won’t have to pay for an expensive hotel or visiting friends and family all over.


Live happier

With less money needed on energy bills, property insurance, maintenance and decorating, who wouldn’t be happier? The less you have to worry about your house, the more fun you can have with your life.

Photo credit: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.
Photo credit: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

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What do you think of tiny houses? Is the tiny house something you would try?