‘World’s Largest Typo’ embarrasses major publication

Nobody likes a typo.  Not the person reading it, nor the person writing it.  I know there have been a

Nobody likes a typo.  Not the person reading it, nor the person writing it.  I know there have been a few in the stories I write that when they are pointed out at me I wonder where I went wrong in my education. 

Those incidents aside, the major US publication The Washington Post Express might have put all other shame with a very public error that has left them understandably embarrassed.  Trying to bring attention to a woman’s rights march that will be taking place the day after US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, the editor must have been more concerned with the text then the companying photo.  See if you can spot the error:

washingtonpostpageTrying to bring attention to women’s rights by using the symbol for the male gender has got to sting the higher ups just a little bit.  Folks on social media didn’t let it go unnoticed either as most posted simply “Fail” but one added, “Major design fail by Washington Post Express… sets a high bar for all design fails to come”  While another labeled it “Pathetically hilarious”.

To their credit, the paper issued a statement on Facebook about their error saying, “We made a big mistake on our cover illustration this morning and we’re very embarrassed about it. We erroneously used a male symbol instead of a female symbol. This is how the cover should have looked. We apologize for the mistake.”

Something tells me there will be at least one person working overtime to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  1. LynetteOZ  

    And YOU have made a grammatical error too …..
    “Trying to bring attention to a woman’s rights march … ”
    it should be… WomEn’s rights march!!
    People who live in glass houses …. should get their copy proof read!!

    • Ahem … proofread their stuff?

      … might have put all other shame?
      … with the text then?
      … labeled?

      Once upon a time, as all good fairy stories start out, there used to be proofreaders.
      Now we have spellcheckers.
      Ask your spellchecker to have a look at this:
      Mount Everest is 7.822 metres high.

  2. Janice_Bennett  

    A couple more: …more concerned with the text thAn (not thEn) the ACcompanying (not COMPANYING) photo…

    • Yair, saw that one, too, but, after a lifetime in the proofreading game, I know the futility of pointing out too many literals to the writers (especially those at SAS) …

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