Woolworths is cheaper? Maybe not...

Since they were knocked off the ‘top supermarket’ pedestal a few years ago, you’ve got to give it to Woolworths for trying – they’re fiercely competitive, and now they’ve brought out new ads showing that they’re cheaper, and it’s backed by independent Nielsen research.

The only problem is… Nielsen doesn’t support these claims.

SMH reports Woolworths published ads over the weekend that stated Nielsen data from June, July and August proved its prices were cheaper than Coles, however Nielsen has refused to validate these stats.

“It’s official, we’re cheaper. We don’t just think so … it’s independently proven,” the ads said.

Nielsen’s Asia Pacific executive director and head of marketing, Michael Walton said, “We do not in any way support or validate the current Woolworths advertising claims that compare Woolworths’ pricing with their major competitor – it’s something Nielsen simply does not do.

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“Clients conduct their own analysis on this data and their teams draw their own interpretations and conclusions.

“The recent advertising campaign by Woolworths reflects Woolworths’ own internal analysis and interpretation of Nielsen data. Nielsen does not make public endorsements on a client’s own analysis or interpretation of its data”.

“We’re not claiming it’s incorrect – we simply don’t endorse these claims,” Mr Walton said.

So it’s still up in the air whether Woolies is really the cheapest, because it’s up to interpretation.

Fairfax Media obtained an internal memo from Coles managing director John Durkan that said,

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“Over the weekend Woolworths claimed in advertising that its prices are now cheaper than Coles, based on data from market research firm Nielsen.

“I want to assure you that this statement from Woolworths is completely untrue.

“I am confident that our customers will respond positively to the reality we deliver – not the tricky perceptions created by one of our competitors”.

Woolworths has spent more than $200 million to reduce the prices across stores.


We want to know today, do you feel that Woolies’ prices are cheaper than Coles?