Women finds hilarious teenage diary entry from 1960s

Dear Diary...
There's nothing like a blast from the past to give you a laugh.

Many of us have been there before… You’re clearing out an old room or digging through packed boxes and you stumble across something from your past that brings on the ultimate cringe fest.

An awkward photo, a disastrous outfit or, in one woman’s case, an embarrassing diary!

Dinah Hall sent a hilarious Letter to the Editor after she discovered her diary from 1969 filled with observations that could only come from a teenager’s mind.

“There’s nothing like teenage diaries for putting momentous historical events into perspective,” she wrote in her letter.

“This is my entry for 20 July, 1969. ‘I went to arts centre (by myself!) in yellow cords and blouse. Ian was there but he didn’t speak to me. Got rhyme put in my bag by someone who’s apparently got a crush on me. It’s Nicholas I think (UGH). Man landed on moon.'”

Dinah's letter to the editor. Image: Twitter @mortaltaste
Dinah’s letter to the editor. Image: Twitter @mortaltaste

Because the moon landing is nothing compared to Nicholas (UGH) having a crush on you! The funny entry is just a taste of the kind of things that were running through our teenage minds back then, when important world events were inconsequential compared to the everyday dramas of teenage life.

Traditional letters to the editor have become less popular over the years thanks to the shift towards online news, but there are plenty of old ones out there still giving us a giggle.

Here’s a few bonus notes to give you a laugh!

Those damn audio books. Image: Twitter @ArtJonak
Those damn audio books. Image: Twitter @ArtJonak
What an achievement. Image: Twitter @NYPost_Roto
What an achievement. Image: Twitter @NYPost_Roto

Did you keep a diary as a teenager? Do you still write letters to the editor?