Will we soon be paying GST on health? Should we?

It seems Australians may be one step closer to paying GST for health goods and services. The federal government is currently

It seems Australians may be one step closer to paying GST for health goods and services.

The federal government is currently considering a GST increase as part of its review of our current tax situation – which could not only increase it to 15%, but also broaden it to cover health and education.

Treasurer Scott Morrison was reportedly wary of the idea as of last week, hoping to get some constructive discussion underway within his own government. He declared that before he would make any “substantive” tax changes, the question would be put to the Australian people before an election.

However, according to The New Daily, those attempts have been blocked by conservatives within his own party, and he may now have to move forward with the idea of a higher, broader GST for the next budget.

The jury is open as to what this means for Australia’s over-60s. Last month, a report suggested many pensioners could be better off from a GST increase.

“[Income earners] in the bottom 20 per cent would actually be in a better position than they are today,” said Grattan Institute chief executive John Daly.

“They would have more money to spend and after accounting for the GST, they would be able to buy more with the income they have than they can today”.

A GST hike could allow the government to raise $130 billion within a year, which raises the important question: how will this benefit Australia in return?

Where do you stand on the matter: Should we be considering a GST increase? Is it fair to add additional tax to health? And would you trust our government to spend the additional money responsibly?

  1. WHAT say will we have .Politicians do what they want .You will notice they won’t have cuts to themselves.

  2. Speculation is worthless … let’s wait for some FACTS to emerge.

    • The fact is that this gov’t is pushing for the GST increase. By its actions, whatever they say.

    • It is a bit late if the facts only come to light after an election. It is important we pay attention to all these issues before we cast our votes.

    • Barbara Easthope I’m watching like a hawk and I don’t like red herrings blocking the view.

    • The problem is after the election is over all these ‘thought bubbles’ like GST, means testing the family home etc become reality and the government feels justified in shafting us all as we voted them in and gave them the ‘mandate’ to run with a policy.

    • I’d like to know what Labor has planned for our economy. No gossip on that front for us to ponder.

  3. So it isn’t enough that these mongrels are going to cut service from Medicare, now thinking of a GST on medical. What a joke! Bring on an election and get rid of this government, they don’t care about the real people

    • You will not get rid of them, as the others have no leadership…..it would be no point voting them in as you would not know who was going to be prime minister!!!!

    • Sadly Jennie it scares me that Judith could be right. To many will vote for the smile not for the good of the country and its people. It really does scare me if this government gets back in, we think its tough now but it will be a lot worse for everyone except the pollies and their fat cat friends

    • We need to hear some policy from Labor so we can make a comparison. I’m not blindly voting for any party.

    • Yvonne, me neither. I want to know what is on offer for health, education and other policies that affect the common folk

  4. If they went after the big end of town and actually got THEM to pay their share and I mean the correct %ge then they can ask us to put our hands in our pockets. That will never happen so I see no reason why we should keep the fat cats afloat.

    • oh I so agree with this sentiment. At least 15% on Grange and Dom Perignon will be higher than Yellow!

    • Can’t believe Companies can get away with paying no tax. It’s beyond me. WHY? No wonder there is poverty

    • Simple solution…vote them out…LNP deserve to spend a little time in the wilderness…Their arrogance needs to be bought back to earth

    • Can’t go after the “big end” J Brian Henderson – the loss of too many mates with too many kickbacks and brown paper bags would severely hamper our trough gouging, elected pollies from getting their massive payouts, “entitlements” (that’s rich!!) and Gold Card after they ruin the country, States and precincts. Yes – let’s smash the plebs with a “fair and just” GST increase and let’s include health and education!!! What “low life’s” these greedy, self promoting thieves are, really!!!

    • They were always going to attack the GST, why tax the multi corps when you can attack the battlers, vote them out people, it’s only going to get worse if they get back in, low income earners will be the sacrificial lambs….

  5. GST:
    So easy to say and so easy to collect – the businesses already do it so no effort is required by the government.
    Clearly places the onus for generating more revenue on the lower paid as they spend a much higher proportion of their income on essentials.
    Avoids the government having to be unpopular with big business and the wealthy by enforcing and/or raising their taxes.
    And we’ll (low income) be fully compensated? Oh Yeah! I’ll believe that when it happens.
    Oh, and if we are fully compensated, what is the point in making the increase in GST rather than increasing taxes paid by those with more?
    Oh, GST goes to the states – but there is no reason income tax could not go to the states as well.

    • Clearly places the onus for generating more revenue on the lower paid as they spend a much higher proportion of their income on essentials. Yes we lower incomes will pay more and have even less left over its a bit like how it is now.How about put it up to15% give us pensioners a pension card with a bar code you scan at the shop and only pay the currant gst.

  6. How come it always costs more when the Liberal/National party are voted in and the workers who are on a low pay scale get screwed all the time and are told that they its is helping the worker

    • Look at the interest we’re paying for the debt labor left us in they came to government with no debt a surplus and 4 people in detention so who do you think is paying for their medd? Us mugs thats who

    • The lnp have doubled that debt and are screwing the battelers to boot, just imagine the interest we are paying now.

  7. They’re doing so well in the polls, they can do almost anything, people seem happy enough !!!!!

  8. The whole tax system should be revised. The GST should be widened in scope , like in New Zealand. Income taxes should be reduced, especially for low income people. Productivity in Government Departments should be increased. A review of regulations should be taking place, and the size of the Government reduced. There must be many areas of duplication, given that we have State Governments and Federal Government. If large corporations are avoiding tax, then either tax regulation needs to be changed or the law should be more rigorously enforced.

    • It’s that why the people from New Zealand come to live here ,because they are better off

    • Beryl  

      I heard a suggestion from a chap on the radio that everyone should be taxed the same percent – say for example, 10%. Then the more one earns, the more they pay in tax, right up to the top. Sounds like it could be quite a good idea.

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