Why your pantyhose could be causing UTIs

Many of us own multiple pairs of pantyhose, but there’s one thing we could be doing with them that might

Many of us own multiple pairs of pantyhose, but there’s one thing we could be doing with them that might be causing UTIs and yeast infections, say doctors.

That’s right: if you don’t wash your hosiery regularly, you could be more prone to UTIs, yeast infections and even athletes food.

According to Radhika Rible, MD, an ob-gyn and assistant clinical professor at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, the synthetic material in pantyhose retains warmth and moisture, which allows bacteria and yeast to thrive.

A lot of older women wear compression stockings for various reasons, or may even wear black or beige tights under a skirt or pants. If this is a daily habit and you aren’t taking proper care, there could be a lot of bacteria built up that is rubbing in the wrong spots.

If you’re worried about UTIs and yeast infections but don’t want to stop wearing tights, look for pairs with a more breathable cotton crotch, says a report by the Daily Mail. Thigh-high styles may also be a good alternative.

This information was reiterated by Dr. Carlos Charles, a dermatologist, who told The Cut that tight undergarments can cause acne.

“Sweat that sits on the body for extended periods of time leads to the overgrowth of bacteria that can exacerbate acne”, he said.

Other ways to avoid a bacterial infection in your stockings is to:

  • Always hand wash separately
  • Dry properly
  • Store in a cool place
  • Buy multiple pairs and rotate
  • Throw out if over a year old

Tell us, have you ever known there was a connection between these two things? Will you change your habits?

  1. not causing me any I don’t wear them, bought a pair for Melbourne Cup Day and they are still in the packet unused

  2. Do stockings last for a year!! Never had a pair that long yet!! Maybe if I didn’t wear them to work!!

  3. Of course a woman needs to change pantyhose every day, as with underwear. Cotton gussets in both help prevent the problems from occurring.

  4. Don’t wear them but in this country I’m sure everyone who does washes them daily.

  5. I can’t believe people actually need to be told this. Wearing tights is the same as wearing a pair of socks, which need washing after every wear, and a pair of
    nickers/undies which also
    need washing after every
    wear. Tights smell of body
    odours when you take them
    off after one wear.Wh on earth wuld wear them again without washing them? Yuck.

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