Why I've stopped lying about my age

I was one of those people that, up until a few years ago, was very offended when someone asked me how old I was. I’d promptly reply “45”, even though I was in my 60s. I refused to believe that I was 60-something, and didn’t want anyone to know it either.

It all started when I was 24. I decided that becoming 25 was going to be all too sad and just started telling people I was 21. I kept up the charade for about 8 years until someone called me out for it. It really hurt because I knew deep down how old I was but I didn’t want to be old. Because being old meant I was going to get boring, or so I thought.

My mother always got upset when she was asked how old she was and I never knew why. She just said it was impolite and back in her day, no one would reveal their ages. I was brought up never knowing my mother’s true birth date. I know how odd that must sound but my mother lived her life like a 45-year-old, even when she died at 90. I remember finding out how old she was and being shocked. She seemed so young! But then I thought about the tragedy it was that each year of her life wasn’t really celebrated in a way.

It made me think, I’d hate for all my years to blend into one. For memories of when I was 38 to be blended into a random year’s events. My daughter also called me out on my childishness when one day she said, “Mum, you’re really 62, aren’t you?”. I felt oddly proud and I snatched back my licence from her and said that yes, I was. She questioned why I’d ever lie about my age and I said that times are different now with all the plastic surgery and ads everywhere encouraging you to look younger. So the older you are, the even older you’re made to feel.

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And suddenly, I realised it was all just bullsh*t. I was worrying about other peoples’ perceptions of what an over 60 should look like and be like but I realised that yes, while this world loves young beauties, it also is favouring those who just embrace who they are. I love being myself and now, I’m proud to say I’m 63! Like they say: age ain’t nothing but a number.


Tell us below, have you ever lied about your age? Why? What age do you feel?