Why I think buying Christmas presents for other adults is a waste of time

I have a confession to make: I loathe Christmas shopping. I think one adult giving another a present just because

I have a confession to make: I loathe Christmas shopping. I think one adult giving another a present just because it’s December 25th creates pointless consumerism.

I know you might think this makes me a Grinch or a Scrooge, but at least let me explain my reasonings.

Firstly, I am an adult. When I need a new blouse, vase or scarf, I’ll buy one myself. Similarly when my husband needs new socks or underwear, he can make those purchases independently.

Well-meaning friends and family always ask this time of year, “What do you need for Christmas?” The truth is, I’ve already bought anything I genuinely need. My husband and I are not made of money, but we can afford the necessities of life.

So the question then becomes, “What do you want for Christmas?” That’s another kettle of fish altogether. I’d like a lot of things, but most of them cannot be bought at the shops.

I’d like my husband’s bad knee to grow strong again. I’d like to dance once more. I’d like my grandchildren to live closer by. I’d like to spend more time with old friends.

Instead for Christmas, I’ll likely receive an ill-advised purse, or yet another teacup. My husband will get some more socks, and perhaps another World War II biography.

By Christmas morning, I will have spent a small fortune buying presents for my extended family. Please don’t get me wrong, I love surprising my grandchildren and seeing joy on their faces when they receive a special new toy.

I’m just never going to choose the best new tie for my son-in-law, or a suitable skirt for my niece. They’re adults too, so wouldn’t it be better that we mutually save our money?

I just believe that buying for other adults is silly. I’d rather my children save their money and put it towards a mortgage – and I will buy my own scarves in future.

To me, it feels that Christmas is becoming increasingly competitive, and more about the things we have than the people in our life. Who is with me?

Do you agree that people focus too much on presents every Christmas? Is Christmas now a consumerist chore? Or do you enjoy gift-giving?

  1. Yeah, I can see where she’s coming from. Christmas is for kids not adults. I can agree with that.

  2. For this reason I’ve stopped doing Xmas I don’t send cards no presents only for the little ones.

  3. We buy for the children in the family and friends ‘ s children. Also for my mother as the number of presents she receives is important to her. She is 90 and so is special to us

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