Why are we pensioners screwed from all angles?

John sent us a message this week and we thought it was too important not to share with our over

John sent us a message this week and we thought it was too important not to share with our over 60s.

Take a read and tell us if you agree:

“Here I am pushing the barrow of “why are we pensioners screwed from all angles?” The Lower House has just approved restricting overseas absence to 6 weeks. My bet is the Upper House will follow. Couple that with the reduction of medications on PBS, plus superannuation accounts shrinking under the weight of market pressures (5% a month at times in the last 3 months) not to mention private health fund increases on the table, it appears to me that the number of pensioners in poverty will increase exponentially.

I for one have a meagre super fund, two employers failed to deposit which amounted in a loss to me, I spend 3 to 4 months overseas with my wife (she is not Australian). I have a daughter who resides overseas as her work is based off shore. I can afford airfares but if I was to pay for accommodation then travel would be severely restricted.

We are not living off the hog but spending our twilight years as they should be. Write to the pollies and expect a tongue in cheek (it’s an election year) response.

C’mon fellow pensioners! Let’s use our number to lobby the fat cats in Canberra to perform or else dump them. My humble apologies for the rant but it’s about time we stopped listening to false promises”.

John’s call for action comes just days after Labor frontbencher Michelle Rowland said the change from 26 weeks is “downright mean” and unfairly targets pensioners who have worked their whole lives.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter told parliament on Monday if savings weren’t made to the social services budget, it would be impossible to return to surplus, reports News Corp.

So tell us: will you stand up for your pension?

  1. Dugald McCall  

    Pensioners can’t exist on the meager payments made and after working your butt off all your life we are dumped on badly by Governments who look after the minority groups as well as other countries people before they even consider the Aussie pensioners. immigrants to our great country get better looked after by far and most have never even paid taxes in OZ
    its about time that they look at these issues and make corrections as the pittance paid every fortnight barely covers one weeks rent now never mind food, electricity, water etc. Stand up and be counted at the next election and lets find a Polly that cares and will champion our plight.

  2. Politicians have been ripping taxpayers & pensioners off for years. Look at what they retire on !!!

  3. March people! Time to March! We should not take this sitting down. If we all banded together we would make a formidable force and perhaps seeing us right on “The House” doorstep will give us a human face! We are not just numbers to be shuffled around and crunched up and spat out! We really need to show our anger before this gets worse!

  4. Why do the savings have to come from the social services budget? Are big companies paying their share?

    • they will be now. started on 1st January and the taxation commissioner was rubbing his hands with glee.

    • Lots of these companies have been avoiding tax thru so called legal means. When will they be forced to pay their rightful share of tax, Mr.Turnbull? You included.

  5. Yes we need to stand up and be counted. How can we do this in all states together? It would be hard for some to march but we could protest outside Parliament in each state. I am willing to oeganise this in Hobart if I can get numbers? We need all states!

  6. Pensioners have earned their money! How about less politicians ( pigs in the trough) and no pay increases!!!!!!
    Pigs might fly!!!!!!!

    • HS  

      Some “pigs” in parliament do fly…at taxpayer expense of course…

  7. We have a choice, we can sit back and accept what they want to do to us, or we can get out there together and shout “Hell no” and let them know if they penalize us in any way we won’t vote for them and they will lose their job and high salary and big pensions

    • They won’t lose their pensions but they should have to wait till they are of pension age before they receive it.

    • Pam Parker and be means tested like the rest of us…..and no overseas travel…etc…the rules that are for us should apply for them

  8. We should have lobbied them before the Federal Government brought in its draconian rules in its 2015 budget some of which come into law in January 2017 …most part pensioners will either lose or have greatly reduced pensions…the federal government has stopped the subsidy for electricity which some of the state governments took up…perhaps they want us to die of either heat exhaustion or the cold…

    • Carol I did march a few times after they bought that first budget in and I can tell you there were a lot of pensioners marching to and the disabled in wheel chairs. But everyone should have been on the streets not just some of us

    • Libbi Elliot I wish there had been a march in Brisbane or if there was, that I knew off..I did put in my concerns to my local member before that budget….a lot of part pensioners are going to get a shock…

    • I’ve never been to a protest in my life, might be time I did. I can’t think of a better cause than this

    • There is no doubt in my mind that the government want us to die off as quickly as possible. And that includes the disabled and chronically ill as well.

    • Changing the asset for the pension is the most ridiculous thing any government could do, I understand money has to come from some where, but don’t they relies that people who are on a part pension will now have to use more of their super/ savings to supplement the loss in the pension, consequently they will then end up ( most likely ) on a full pension, where as before would have still be using their savings, thus saving the tax payer.

    • Libbi Elliot I don’t think marching us the answer lobby the local member, this is the most irresponsible thing any government could do. It won’t change even if there were to b a change of government. My husband and I are on a part pension and we are going to loses half of our pension

    • Yes, I’ve marched twice, and will do again and again until they listen. It’s the most effective way of demonstrating people power!

      We are one of the ‘soft target’ 47 000 superannuants affected by those changes that were snuck in,

      not grandfathered because apparently they were an ‘anomaly’,

      Poorly modelled,

      passed under the guise of getting the fat cats (about 120 were documented as earning over $80 000 from their super),

      rushed through so most of those who voted hadn’t had a chance to read it etc etc.

      We lost about $130 per week, which is quite a lot on our modest income, but some are far worse off.

      There are quite a group of us who have lobbied politicians etc etc, but it’s not over yet, and WE NEED TO MAKE THE MOST OF IT BEING AN ELECTION YEAR!

      Class action anyone??

    • Glenice Pietersen Sullivan I am sure part pensioners who are affected will not be voting Liberal or Greens.

    • Libbi Elliot I didn’t even know there were any marches out there – wish I had known. Is there a website we can all follow to keep us updated on these things?

    • What happened to the SAS bright idea of a “Party” of pensioners? They were very strident even collecting names but it died in the proverbial.


    • Glenice Pietersen Sullivan they’re hoping we all die before we run out of super. No doubt many will, so they’ve saved themselves some money

    • GREY POWER! if seniors, and those facing ” seniority “, mobilised across the country things would change. Politicians, like other sectors of the community, think ” oldies ” should just

  9. We have to do something, things are getting worse, and there is no way in hell this bloody govt will stop taking from pensioners until we are completely drained, they will take from us so the top end and pollies will not suffer, we have to do something or there will be nothing left

  10. Actions speak louder than words. We pensioners must start the ACTION to get our WORDS across.

  11. What about our pollies. They are always giving themselves rises. And it is the tax payer who is paying these. Ratbags lost faith in our government. All about them target the low income while there wallets get so fat am so over them

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