Who says cats are evil?

When some newly-hatched ducklings on their property went missing, leaving only traces of shell, Ronan and Emma Lally were worried their cat, Della, had gotten to them first.

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She had. But remarkably, they were unharmed. In fact, they were the safest and most protected they could possibly be.

See this remarkable story below, and be sure to keep watching – it gets even stranger!

It is believed that, as the cat found the ducklings soon after giving birth herself, mothering hormones to encouraged her to bond with anything small and cuddly.

Nonetheless, this is lovely validation for all the cat lovers out there: felines aren’t always quite as predatory as we think they are. When their sense of love and protection comes out, it can put all other pets to shame.

Are you a cat lover? If not: does this wonderful video change your mind?