Which sex is the better driver? We finally have an answer...

Are women or men the best drivers? After years of debate, there’s finally an answer backed up by research… and you may be surprised!

According to new research from the RAA, compiled from insurance claims data, females make fewer claims and account for just one quarter of collisions.

Women also only claim for around 35 per cent of rear-end crashes, i.e. at-fault claims. And before men wonder how many women are insured, it’s almost exactly half.

RAA’s Senior Claims Manager Hayley Cain told the Daily Telegraph women were the safest drivers.

“This data indicates that women appear to be safer drivers and less likely to cause serious damage,’’ she said.

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Men may cause more accidents as they are likely to take risks when driving.

Overall, women did make more claims for car park accidents as they can have more difficulty getting in and out of car parks – men and women have different spatial abilities.

Older drivers are also more trustworthy on the road, with one in five drivers under 40 making a claim each year, but only one in seven over 40.

Ms Cain said “driving ability’’ goes into reverse after the age of 80, with around one in five senior drivers putting in a claim and male drivers making slightly more claims.

“Many drivers — male, female, younger or older — have room for improvement.

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“Experience and a mature attitude to driving pays off as we reach middle age, however, as we get older and our reaction times slow, driving can go downhill again,” she said.

“A good driver is a safe driver and taking extra care on the road is clearly vital for everyone”.


So we want to know today: do you think these results are accurate? Who is the better driver in your household?