When your search results can get you in trouble

When you start to type a search query into Google, it will try to be nice and automatically fill it in for you.


The problem with that is that you might find a topic more interesting than what you were initially searching for in the first place.  Then you click on it and realise after a few wasted hours on the net you didn’t even achieve what you initially set out to do.

If you type in the word “senior” you can also see that the directions that you can take are varied.


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Recently a friend mentioned that they were looking for a social website where he could meet some like-minded people and have a chat. He didn’t know where to start so he typed “senior men” into Google…


…and almost knocked out of his chair by his wife who saw he was looking at dating sites. Once he recovered and explained what he was doing his wife was intrigued and asked him to look up “senior women” and was shocked to see…


That it resulted in a completely different type of website. Which begs the question do over 60s men and women look for entirely different things on the internet?

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Wouldn’t you rather search for “senior men” and find websites about the great things that over 60s do or their fantastic sense of style? We can dream. Though finding companionship is equally as important as finding a new hairstyle or the best way to trim your beard.

A great tip for searching the internet is to use quotation marks and the plus sign to be very specific about your search.  Our friend from before was just looking to possible make some new friends so he tried again using this method.


That worked much better.

What was the strangest thing you found when searching for something normal?  Have you ever tried to search your name? What comes up? Post the funniest thing in the comments down below.